The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) & Coaching

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MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Coaching

In Short

We are experienced MBTI coaches and trainers.  We are able to administer the MBTI step 1 and MBTI Step 2 instruments for individuals at a 1-2-1 level for coaching and development, and also for team coaching and development.  For MBTI coaching at an individual level, we can do this either remotely by phone/skype or face-to-face. We deliver our MBTI coaching and MBTI team building programmes UK wide and internationally.  We come to you. 

What is the MBTI?

The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), is the world’s most widely used personality test/instrument.  First developed in the 1940’s, the MBTI instrument, now with 70 years of continued research and development behind it, is the go-to tool for organisations and people who want to increase their understanding of their personality type, and make the best of their personality type.

Benefits of MBTI and coaching

  • Increased self-awareness – the cornerstone of emotional intelligence
  • Increased peer awareness when used in team coaching and development
  • Understand strengths, areas of motivation and de-motivation
  • Develop strategies to be more effective whilst using your natural strengths
  • Manage, mentor and lead more effectively

The MBTI instrument reports your personality type in the form of clarity of preferences over 4 scales/dichotomies. These are:

Energy – the type of environment that we draw our energy from

Extraversion Introversion Scale

Extravert – energised by the external world of interaction and contact.

Introvert – energised by the internal world of thought and reflection.

Information – the type of information we prefer to pay attention to and use

Sensing Intuition Scale

Sensing – practical, tangible information gathered by the five senses. A focus on the past, present and reality.

INtuition – gut hunch, creativity, possibility and experimentation.  A focus on the future and what might be.

Decision-Making – the way in which we process information and make decisions

Thinking Feeling Scale

Thinking – logical, detached, goal-focused decisions.

Feeling – empathetic, involved, collaborative decisions.

Lifestyle – the amount of structure and order we need in our daily lives

Judging Perceiving Scale

Judging – orderly, scheduled, planful, structured and seeking closure.

Perceiving – spontaneous, open, pressure-prompted, casual and delaying decisions. 

It is important to note that we all have all of these 8 differences, or preferences, and that we all use all of them daily.  It is simply the degree to which we prefer one side or the other that makes us different. 

MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator Scales

What’s the process?

MBTI coaching for individuals:

– Chat with us just to make sure the MBTI is the right tool for the job and to establish clear outcomes

 – Complete the MBTI questionnaire online (c.20 minutes)

 – 90 minute feedback session which covers the theory of the MBTI, self-assessment, receiving of results and working towards establishing your best-fit personality type

 – Coaching sessions to build strategies, develop resources and identify actions for change in alignment with your outcomes. 

MBTI for teams:

 – Chat with us just to make sure the MBTI is the right tool for the job, and to establish clear outcomes for your programme

 – We’ll design a process that meets your outcomes and keep you involved every step of the way

 – Our MBTI team programmes are highly interactive and require active engagement from participants. 

For individuals

MBTI administration and telephone feedback from £89-£240 ex VAT, depending on the report that you want.

90 minute telephone/Skype coaching sessions are charged at £75 per session excluding VAT