What Our Clients Say

Testimonials and client feedback

ADM Protexin – Team Management Profile Workshop

“Learnings both about myself and how to get the best out of myself in projects, working, structuring my day and meetings, as well as how best to make sure my interactions with others are fruitful.

My report was pretty accurate. The part that I found interesting was how different people can work together and what should be considered. It shed light for me personally on why I have found a few people challenging to work with and has given me fresh ideas of how to use this to work around that.

“A good understanding of myself and the team I work with. How to work more effectively with the team and understand their character traits. “

Gloucestershire Learning Alliance – MBTI Step 2 Workshop

“Powerful and thought-provoking. Really valuable to have time together as a team and to learn about one another. “

“A fabulous opportunity to reflect upon why you do what you do, why others do what they do, and how to support each other. “

“A really engaging session – excellently led by Dan. I was a bit anxious about opening up, but Dan made this easy and useful. Thank you!”

Do & Co – Leadership Team Development Event

We had an inspirational two days with Dan exploring our individual and team dynamics. His skill, flexibility, and adaptability brought development theory to our leadership team with knowledge, pragmatism, and healthy challenge.  This was impactful, and actionable insights that will make a real difference to our leadership performance and achievements.”

Royal British Legion – MBTI Team Workshop – London

“Really enjoyed the session. Dan was very accommodating, and the pacing of the learning was good and inclusive, the info given was clear and easy to understand. It was interesting for me to see were others scored themselves in contrast to how others saw them.”

“A valuable experience. I learnt about myself and others and gained an understanding of how to work better with people and get the best out of them.I found going through the types before my results particularly helpful as it gently challenged preconceptions and promoted self-awareness. I leave with a greater understanding of how to get the best out of my team, collectively and individually, and for them to hopefully get the best out of me.”

“Great session and felt we really maximised the opportunity to get the most out of the half day. I leave with a better understanding of my team types and how these can be considered in a team setting, from scheduling meetings to delegation of tasks.”

Sport England – Team Building & Alignment Workshop

“The most valuable away day I’ve done!”

“The focus on tangible outputs was most welcome, the creative ways of engagement (no PowerPoint) was very effective, and the Planks activity was excellent.  We come out of this as a much more cohesive, closer team than when we started. ”

“Dan was truly an excellent facilitator.  We are a complex operation but he navigated it all smoothly and admirably!”

Local Government – 16pf Personality Assessment for New CEO

“Thank you so much for the tests and questions, which were very helpful. We used some of your questions in the final round and Elected Members on the Panel found the questions and results insightful and helpful and complemented the interviews very well.

I would have no hesitation in using your services again. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again for your assistance.”

Ganton Golf Club – 16pf Personality Assessment for Candidate Selection and Assessment

I just wanted to thank you again for your support in the recruitment for this position – we definitely got the right person and they have ‘blown us away’.

Washington Inventory Services – MBTI for Managers Programme

“A very worthwhile few days, learned a lot about myself and my peers but in particular my boss!”

“Very beneficial and worthwhile. A must for all managers.”

“MBTI was very informative and useful and can be used in my everyday life in both work and personal situations.”

“By understanding my own strengths and weaknesses, I can now improve my communication style.”

“Great course and I think every organisation should do it for teams.”

” Jock was a very down to earth facilitator – great! Great interactive first day. Loved the walk on the second day!”

DDD Ltd – Strength Deployment Inventory Team Building Workshop

“Surpassed my thoughts of what this could entail.  Excellent theory and combination of team participation.” 

“Really nice facilitation style!” 

“Very useful in home and work relationships.” 

“I have been able to notice traits and triggers that have clearly shown how I can improve my relationships with those around me.” 

“It helps me to know how other people react and what to be treated when they are in conflict.” 

“Very valuable insight into behavioural changes during conflict and what my motivations for self and others are.”

Young & Co Brewery PLC – MBTI Step 2 programme for developing leaders

“Insightful, eye-opening, educational, well delivered.” 

“Thorough, intense, eye-opening and thought-provoking.” 

“Most inspirational and eye opening thing I have ever done.  I would highly recommend if you want to learn about yourself and others.  Do it!” 

“I have completed the days feeling energised and motivated and focused.  

“I have taken on a lot of information to reflect on but I am very much looking forward to applying this to both personal and group projects.  The time spent bonding with our group has been invaluable.” 

Thorlabs – Team Leader Training

“I would recommend others to experience this training, as it has been a very knowledgeable and educational and changing experience for me and I have enjoyed every minute.”

“This has given me ideas, tools and platforms to put into practice to build a better workforce.” 

“Good learning environment, very interactive and taught at a good pace. Good skills not just for job but also for life.”

“Excellent two days, best training course I have ever had. Dan has been a superb top bloke!”

Thorlabs – Facilitation Skills Training for Managers

“I enjoyed it!  Pure and simple.  Got stuck in and learned.  Would recommend anyone to do the same.” 

” Entertaining, engaging, skill enhancing and valuable for running our business. I have a lot of practical tools to try out”

“Fun, a lot of variety, practical, challenging, applicable to both personal and business development.”

“It’s given me confidence in the use of facilitation tools and techniques to gain greater group participation.” 

Advanced Computer Software – Leadership Development Programme for Emerging Talent

“I have learned and adopted techniques to utilise when leading a team. The opportunity to lead to tasks was invaluable and helped me to evaluate my own abilities and skills.” 

” Exceptional opportunity to step out of yourself and see what others see with guidance from peers and feedback where due which adds a reality check to how you may perceive yourself. A chance to push own boundaries and see what can be achieved. A useful opportunity to work with others, see different behaviours and understand them.”

“The course has been excellent, was really looking forward to it and it didn’t disappoint. Excellent communication and knowledge from facilitator and very useful tips to take away. Would recommend.”

NHS – Train the Trainer Programme

“I have benefited by having my eyes opened to more formal models of training and their applications. I feel that any training or ‘conversation’ I have with professionals will be improved as a result of this training which helps me to be a more rounded professional.”

“This is one of the best trainings I have been on, in terms of content (useful models, props and input), and its relevance to practice, as well as the methods used to enhance retention and implementation.”

“It’s not even in the same ballpark. Other training pales into insignificance. This is the diamond training.”

Sheffield Hallam University, Masters in Real Estate – Accelerated Team Building Programme

“It was a very different experience to what I expected! It was a good way to approach ice-breaking situations away from the normal team building events.”

“Enlightening with enjoyable group activities that help me to get to know the other people in my group better both personally and professionally.”

“It has made me be more aware of the different approaches to a given task and how we can integrate different personalities to form the strongest possible team.”

“It would have taken me much longer than it has to develop this many relationships, and to the degree which I have developed them to.”

Very challenging and enjoyable. Brought me forwards in leadership and speaking out.”

Spirax-Sarco, Team Management Profile & Team Building Event

“I understand my team better and now have a real idea of weaknesses and how we can overcome them.”

“I will take many parts of the event back to work. Being new to the company gave me a real insight into my team.”

“Interesting day where I learned more about my team members and their preferences – a great experience that is really eye opening!!”

Design Scene; Myers Briggs Type Indicator Team Building Event, London

“Thoroughly enjoyable, time flew by. Not death by PowerPoint which was a bonus and liked the fact that it was more based around discussion and bullet point facts.”

“It’s useful to recognise and understand your own personality traits – which would never normally happen without a session like this. It’s also very laid back and personable so easy to get involved and feel like the session is beneficial to all.”

Learnt something about myself – opposite to what I initially thought. Made me appreciate how to adapt my personality to enhance my working life.

Nike – Myers Briggs Type Indicator Team Building Event, Manchester

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great to take time away from the office. Good to get the team together.”

“Very interesting. It was very worthwhile to spend time as a team to learn more about ourselves and each other.”

“Very enjoyable, learned a lot from the experience.”

“I learned a lot about myself and also my colleagues.”

NHS – Clinical Leadership & Research in Health Care – Strength Deployment Inventory Programme

“Very much enjoyed it-thank you! Nice group to work with and excellent facilitator on every level. Dan understood our needs, concerns and learning objectives.”

“New concepts, very practical, exploration of conflict and trust was very valuable.”

“Fascinating-start of a journey that needs action.”

Diabetes UK – Team Creation Day using the Team Management Profile

“Thought-provoking and informative.  Timely opportunity to get to know the team members better and in a structured and focused setting.” 

“Very informative and engaging.  It has definitely helped to address many areas for improvement within cross departmental and as individuals.” 

“Today has been useful in understanding more about how each individual works and for getting some clear goals on how we will take our team forwards.”

Spirax Sarco, Cheltenham.  Team Management Profile & Team Launch

“Definitely a worthwhile day.  Hit the objectives perfectly.”

“The opportunity to take valuable time away from the office has been a very worthwhile investment.  The careful approach and design ensured maximum benefits were achieved.”

“Very good and interactive.  Felt that I was involved from the beginning to the end.” 

“Excellent way of coming together as a new team and start to build relationships and set a common vision.” 

Wandsworth Borough Council – MBTI & Management Development

“Excellent facilitator, enjoyed content and opportunity to interact with the group.” 

“Really positive day – enjoyed working with colleagues and finding out more about people’s personality types.” 

“Very, very interesting and engaging. Very relaxed and enjoyable day.” 

“I was surprised at how much I learned and how easy it was to understand.” 

SABIC, Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Team Building Programme

“Great fun, very educational and revealing. I learned a lot about my personal style and I’ve already seen improvements in my approach to things as I try to improve my blind spots.”

“Good bonding through the event and a good chance to break down some barriers both between teams and individuals. It was a great format to discuss and offer feedback between us about what makes us tick. All told, a great development event for teams and individuals.”

“Really enjoyable.  Pleasantly surprised at how much was packed into such a short amount of time. Well done! Great Event!”

Airbus, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Senior Team Development

“It was a really interesting and productive day, it has provoked lots of questions and given lots directions for developing the team. I want to thank you for an excellent facilitation of the day, and delivering exactly what I hoped for when I was proposing that this was the kind of day that we needed.”

“First experience of MBTI and it has been really constructive personally and for the team.”

“The communication sections of the workshop were excellent, highlighting both the differences in how people interpret the same information, and the different approaches to communication taken by different personality types.”

Imperial College, London, NHS CLARHC Programme, Strength Deployment Inventory Training

“Really useful regarding understanding how to make other team members roles be more rewarding within the confines of the work to be done. Also a reflective tool on past conflict and spotting future emerging conflict too.”

“Understanding what motivates people to behave in a particular way is the key to improving performance.”

“I have learnt a whole new approach to thinking about relationships and conflict, focusing on better understanding motivations.”

Expedia, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Team Building Day

“3rd time going through this process – best ever!”

“Useful and interesting – a starting point/framework for taking forward relationships at work.”

“A great way to understand a bit more about yourself and your colleagues, and how you can work together more effectively.”

Boundary Oak School, Southampton; Strength Deployment Inventory Inset Day

“Fantastic! Learnt so much valuable information.”

“Extremely enjoyable; team working was a very effective way to learn the content of this workshop.”

“Helped me to gain a new understanding about others – personalities, relationships and how to respond.”

“A very useful and rewarding session.”

“Very interesting – a whole new way of looking at ways of communication.”

MimeCast, London; Strength Deployment Inventory Team Day

“I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself and others. This experience will benefit me both inside and away from work.” “It was an amazing workshop and really helpful with understanding other’s behaviour and generally more understand people and get to know them.”

“Fun and informative. Good insight into other team members motivations which previously wasn’t aware of. Relaxed learning environment.”

“Very good, paced well and delivered in a thoughtful yet punchy manner – well suited to our group.”

EPC-UK, Management Development & The Strength Deployment Inventory

“Interesting, relevant, useful.”

“Very interesting and rather an eye opener. I feel this will be relevant in our workplaces and will be put to use in a variety of ways. I enjoyed the practical tasks and the way they kept the whole group involved.”

“Good experience in terms of looking at my motivational value system and how I can be perceived by others. Learning outcomes on how to improve conflict management better.”

“I am reviewing past situations and able to view them differently. Seeing where I may have gone wrong and how I should now approach similar situations to achieve my goal.

Halfords, Area Managers Team Building Programme

“Above my expectations. Great day, very well facilitated.”

“Enlightening, morale boosting, fun.”

“10/10. Excellent – had a great day. Full of fun and great learning”

“Great! This really helped to push the team journey forward. Nice to do something differently.”

Alternative Futures Group, Strength Deployment Inventory Team Day

“A really useful tool that will help me in my own L&D programmes”

“Extremely useful and provides an insight on how other people react in a conflict situation”

“I enjoyed the day and have learnt about the best way to identify when I am in conflict with myself and others and what I need to do when this happens.”

Global Communications Company, Leadership Development Programme, London

“Excellent programme – lots of interaction, tools and techniques – very good.”

“It made me self-reflect in a good way and has given me more self-confidence and strategies.”

“Helped me to clearly see my performance gaps and what I can do to address them.”

“These three sessions have been really insightful and have inspired me – thanks.”

Capital Investments Group, Strength Deployment Inventory Workshops, London/Geneva

“Enjoyable and interesting, a tool I can think about/use in and outside of work.”

“Very interactive and easy to understand.”

“Really positive, genuinely useful.”

“Interesting, interactive and eye-opening!”

Spirax Sarco, High Performance & Communication Programme

“A really fun programme and highlighted excellent opportunities for us to improve our communication as a team. The learning didn’t feel forced and was only realised when we evaluated our performance in certain activities.”

“The whole programme was very informative and educational as well as being great fun all round. I would recommend to any teams to take part.”

“Fun, enjoyable, different and educational. Everyone can take something away”

NHS CLARCH Programme, Strength Deployment Inventory Programme, London

“I was a bit skeptical at first but actually found it very valuable.”

“Uplifting and thought provoking.”

“I feel empowered by the programme and ways to benefit my life.”

“I liked the framework – thought it was simple enough to grasp but not simplistic.”

Spirax Sarco, Team Development Programme

“Overall I enjoyed the day. At the time I felt frustrated when one particular exercise did not go well, but on reflection I am glad that some of our weaknesses are now at the forefront.”

“Very positive. A well constructed and focused day.”

“Fun, Interesting and learnt a lot”

Multinational Research Company, Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Senior Management Team Development Programme

“I thought that the day was facilitated well and everyone participated. Good overview of key issues with plenty of time to discuss and time for personal reflection both before and after.”

“I found the day interesting and informative. As a management team we don’t spend much time together so in addition to learning and being reminded of the Myers Briggs personality types and my own preferences, I found it useful spending time with my colleagues and getting to know them a bit better. I also believe the output will be useful so that when working together we’re more aware of how we can make our different approaches make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.”

“Useful and productive team building. Met and exceeded expectations in terms of content and buy-in from the team.”

Global Communications Company, Leadership Development Programme, London

“Leadership courses are often one size fits all. I have specific actions for myself and my career off the back of this.”

“Different insight to the normal leadership courses done before. Good energy in facilitation.”

“I remained fully engaged and found the content thought provoking. Really enjoy this!”

“Not just another development course or death by PowerPoint – it is practical!”

NHS: Strength Deployment Inventory – Communication & Motivation

“An excellent and engaging experience. I especially enjoyed the interactive style using the visuals, models, and verbal discussion methods.”

“Excellent – very helpful in planning for the future.”

“I have learnt insights into my own style and preferences and how to understand others preferences in a non-judgemental way.”

“I love this concept and the way it can help in understanding change/conflict.”

Global Communications Company, Change Masterclass, London

“Very positive – thought provoking, but not just an academic exercise; resonated very strongly with immediate challenges faced.”

“Thought provoking, enjoyable, informative and gave me the opportunity to think about my approach and how I can consider my level of impact.”

“Brilliant – great way to absorb lots of new tools and techniques and explore.”

Excellence in Communication : Train the Trainer Programme

“My learning experience was unique. I have not been on a training which does not use PowerPoint and found it very helpful. Very good. “

“Very constructive, both in terms of content and teaching tips.”

“Engaging, clear, informative.”

Coaching Skills for the Workplace

“Fabulous day. Well paced, structured, logical, lots of consolidation exercises, fun and safe….Thanks.”

“Feel extremely confident in structuring and providing coaching sessions.”

“I feel that the interactive style of the training gave me the opportunity to practice as I learnt.”

“Very useful. My time will hopefully not be as fully engaged. By using these skills to better effect, I can put some of the focus/work back on to the individuals.”

National Food Manufacturer/Supplier, Team Management Profile and High Performance Teams

“Very engaging, interesting and applicable to professionals/businesses.”

“Really insightful and informative. Good practical take-outs to enable learning to be applied.”

“A very useful tool for helping teams and individuals to identify ways to improve performance.”

NHS, MBTI Team Development Programme, Bath

“On principle, I very rarely use strongly agree and like to suggest ways to improve. On this occasion I can’t! Thank you for an excellent day.”

“Very engaging day, most helpful in building relationships. Interesting concepts which I have not come across before.”

“Excellent day. Useful personally and also to get to know other folk in team – feel warmly towards everyone in room because I know them a bit better – thank you.”

Gwent NHS, Strength Deployment Inventory® and conflict managment

“Enjoyable and though provoking. Another angle to come from in meeting my needs and those of our team.”

“This programme was inspiring and excellently presented by Dan. Very interactive and excellently directed towards our team.”

“There are many challenges ahead and using these skills can make a difference”.

Cheltenham Borough Council: Coaching Skills Workshop

“I thought the day was really good and helpful. I am about to start coaching someone through an award programme and this has given me some tools and ideas and increased my confidence as well. “

“Really enjoyed it. Well delivered by the trainer. Relaxed environment and feel like we have lots to take away.”

“Enjoyable, interesting, interactive, open. Excellent!”

“Very informative, enjoyable and easy to understand. Very interactive.”

Vanquis Bank, Management Development Programme, London

“From not actually wanting to come on the first course to actually actively wanting to attend the last part! I now possess a tool kit to improve myself, my team and my department performance.”

“I feel much more aware of how I naturally operate as a manager and how people perceive me as a result. Now I have identified areas to improve and techniques to help.”

“The course was intensive, hard work and challenging but great fun and different to any other course I have been on. I have really enjoyed this course!”

Excellence in Communication : Train the Trainer Programme

“Delivered in a very clear manner with a good pace. A lot of tips and practical information which can be used in real life.”

“Appreciated Dan’s knowledge. Liked the fact that there was no power point. Appreciated additional options for exercises during teach back session.”

“With practice, this will be a powerful tool for improving customer service.”

“Beneficial – lots of tools to be layered in over time to improve overall communication.”

EPC-UK Groupe: Strength Deployment Inventory® & Management Development Programme

“I came into this course very skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the evaluations were and how it can be used to influence and grow future relationships.”

“Excellent programme, well delivered and lots of useful information.”

“I found the experience enlightening from the point of view of receiving feedback of role expectancy and how my behaviour is perceived. I will adapt my approach to recognise conflict in others when managing.”

Museum of London. Outdoor Team Building & Development

“Great mix of physical and mental challenges that help you to see how your group works, what your role can be and where to resolve conflicts within this.”

“A good experience, I think people who thought the day wouldn’t be useful gained as much as everyone else. You could see change happening with your eyes.”

“Good that each of the mangers were tasked with a different group. Gave me an opportunity to get to know lots of different members of the team, newer and more stayed”

Herefordshire Council. Strength Deployment Inventory ® and Team Building Programme

“I have found out how my behaviours lead me to respond in a particular way. I have also learned how others perceive my behaviours and have a toolkit which helps me to work better to support my team.”

“Enjoyable, interesting and an opportunity to think outside of the box with a different perspective.”

“Informative and challenging – it has been useful that there has been an open exchange of views which should help me to lead the team to improvement..”

Frutarom, Hartlepool. MBTI & Senior Management Team Building Event

“Interesting! The final activity really showed how team working and proper goal setting can affect the team result of a project. The first activity showed how we, as a team, could potentially ‘get it wrong’.”

“Understanding the skill sets of people will give me a greater breadth of resource when getting ideas and making informed decisions. Also feel more open to have honest discussions at work.”

“We are starting to understand what engages team members and what does not. Change can be positive.”

“I feel the team now knows how to improve and why improvement is required for us to begin the journey in becoming a high performance team.”

“Excellently led, enjoyable, very professional and in a relaxed environment where you were made to feel at ease.”

The British Red Cross, Strength Deployment Inventory® & Team Building Programme

“Very useful and interesting. Really relevant for everyone. Consolidated other tools (Belbin, Myers Briggs etc)”

“Have come across personality profiling before but this was a clear and graphic system.”

“Now I feel I can recognise other members of the team traits and personalities it makes it easier to be proactive.”

“It has helped me understand my own strengths and the needs of others when things are not going well.”

Spirax Sarco, Cheltenham. MAP Assessment program for new managers.

“Very engaging and interactive, quite intensive concentration required, but overall a well worthwhile exercise. Would definitely recommend to others.”

“Very interesting. Good to have a structure and base to work on your development.”

“I particularly like the development plan I have to take away from this.”

“Also gives me an opportunity to show my strengths in order to progress my role within the department.”

“Hopefully the development will start here, but also this should demonstrate strengths to managers when assessing competencies for future projects/positions.”

“Good starting point, keen to follow through on the training to achieve professional development.”

Cheltenham Borough Council – MBTI and Team Integration Workshop

“For some team members to say their fears about being taken over by bigger team now all gone was a real plus for me. Thank you.”

“Interesting to have my own traits highlighted and how others might perceive me, as well seeing how others see each other.”

“A really enjoyable and insightful morning which was good for team building and will help me in all present/ future relationships.”

“A real insight and very valuable as I have a greater appreciation of how my actions effect others”

Government Offices East Midlands, Nottingham – Tools for Increased Personal Effectiveness & Influencing

“Dan was an excellent trainer and made me feel safe and comfortable to share and learn.”

“It has been a good day. Useful approaches which will be helpful, thank you.”

“I felt it was an excellent introduction and would like and will ask for further input.”

“All information very useful with clear developmental areas.”

Museum of London, Outdoor Team Development Programmes

“I was really looking forward to today and I wasn’t disappointed – I thought it was fantastic – really well organised and great support.”

“Awesome! Really surprised myself, massively impressed by my team and have lots of lessons learned to take back to work and life.”

“Excellent – good mixture of activities, discussion, balance between individual and group aspect was good.”

“Excellent day, thank you.”

“We have found Developing Potential (UK) to be extremely accommodating and have worked in partnership to develop our Team Development Programme. Each event gives us an opportunity to make improvements to the content/delivery etc and Dan is always open to suggestions and supports with recommendations. Both team managers felt that their own individual objectives had been met after the event and that the feedback provided from Developing Potential (UK) was very useful in helping to identify that the team’s individual and shared aims had been achieved. Spread across the two groups the main consensus was that the activities were spot on and allowed the teams to work together through shared experiences. Dan was very helpful in asking and thus highlighting how the learning from the activities could be applied back in the work place. Thanks for a great evening and day!”

Toyota Financial Services, Strength Deployment Inventory & Improving Team Performance

“Excellent application of a good framework that will provide all participants with a toolkit for their personal/professional development. The next step is to live the theory and see what difference it makes – next bit is up to us individually/collectively.”

“I feel every company should do this. I will surely recommend to many of my friends.”

“I have found the course helpful to me, so I may understand how to change my behaviour and work on my relationships in the workplace and socially.”

Museum of London, Outdoor Team Building

“The day was a hugely enjoyable experience that challenged the whole team in a really positive way. We have all felt the benefits back in the workplace and the opportunity to see colleagues demonstrate different types of skills and strengths outside the workplace was invaluable…They all want to do it again next year.”

“Very positive, practical skills and experiences served to create a relevant and enjoyable training programme.”

“I feel like I know my whole team a lot better now and would feel a lot more comfortable working with each and every one of them.”

“Fantastic experience. Feel I have bonded much more with my team.”

“Fantastic day – learnt about myself and colleagues.”

Chivas Brothers, London, Myers Briggs Type Indicator

“Very good with good team building too.”

“Great experience with good learning.”

“Very useful. Interesting personally and professionally. Would like to go a bit deeper implications on career and need for change.”

Government Offices East Midlands, Nottingham, Myers Briggs Type Indicator

“It was enjoyable and interactive, much better than classroom based sessions.”

“It was useful to reflect on the different ways in which people responded and reacted to the tasks.”

“Very positive. Dan has a very warm and gentle style and exudes calm.”

Prospect School, Portsmouth: Strength Deployment Inventory & Leadership Development

“Understood more about myself and how I react in situations. Also about why others may act the way they do and that I may accidentally provoke a situation when trying to help.”

“The practical exercise was powerful in learning about what motivates individuals and how we respond to set tasks according to motivation levels.”

“More alert to the risks/threats to our team’s performance when we go into conflict, and how to ameliorate those.”

“An enlightening, thought-provoking, yet enjoyable day in which I gained a better insight of myself and others”

Taylors of Harrogate: Team Management Profile & Team Building

“It’s been a really useful day which we’ve all enjoyed. Great to see how and why we all behave differently.”

“It’s been good to remember the importance of accepting people’s personality types and to modify my own behaviour accordingly to make them be heard and comfortable.”

On benefits to the work place: “The fact that we sat/worked as a team having frank discussions on our own ‘personalities’. This should mean a more open minded approach by all; thus evolving the team/team dynamics.”

Spirax Sarco, Bristol: Strength Deployment Inventory & Developing High Performance

“Really useful, challenging my comfort zone at times (good thing)! Excellent facilitation to allow honest/open discussion without recrimination.”

“It’s a simple, easy to follow programme and its simplicity has many advantages.”

“Excellent – looking forward to doing this with my team!”

“Right balance of learning, structure, interaction, activity and fun.”

Wandsworth Borough Council, London: Strength Deployment Inventory & Team Development

“Dan is a relaxed, intuitive presenter who very capably led my team through an excellent away day experience. I can see the benefits for my team that will come from the day.”

“I wasn’t expecting to have such informed and enjoyable time.”

“Enjoyable and good fun. Got to learn new things about my colleagues”

Kent County Council: Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Team Building

“This was an interesting, fun and informative day. That you very much.”

“Presenter was really open and had a good communicative style.”

“Useful new ways to look at situations and relationships.”

Department for International Development: Strength Deployment Inventory, London

“Excellent day of training, really well facilitated. Good style and helpful tool set for future work in teams.”

“Good framework for analysing my responses to different situations and for understanding the responses of others.”

“Concrete actions points to follow up on.”

“Excellent (quality of Dan’s facilitation)”

Department for International Development: Strength Deployment Inventory, London

“Excellent day of training, really well facilitated. Good style and helpful tool set for future work in teams.”

“Good framework for analysing my responses to different situations and for understanding the responses of others.”

“Concrete actions points to follow up on.”

“Excellent (quality of Dan’s facilitation)”

Department for International Development: Type, Teams & High Performance, London

“Very enjoyable. I’ve done other things like it and this was my favourite as it was very practical and fun – excellent facilitation, thank you!”

“The presentation style is key to introduce these instruments and today’s style was just right.”

“Excellent inclusive style used by Dan. Plenty of space for everyone to participate.”

“We had no prior experience of Developing Potential UK and Dan’s skill; it was very pleasing to have such an enjoyable and constructive day.”

Office of Rail Regulation, London, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Team Day with an artistic twist

ORR wanted something a little different. After the delivery and feedback of the Type Dynamics Indicator, we explored personal meanings and interpretations of personality type through creative artwork.They are all going on the office wall!

“The day was a complete success. The whole team enjoyed ourselves and I think it was the right balance between taking in information and looking at the different types and then using our own interpretation in a creative way. Feedback from the team was that this had been the best away day so far and we achieved our ultimate goal of creating a different and interesting day for the team. Great thanks to Dan for helping us to achieve this.”

“I think it was very beneficial in terms of team building as well as working on insights into one’s own personality type.”

“Excellent day, thanks! Right pace and very interesting.”

Museum of London: Team Building & Integration Day

“Thanks for the training day last Friday – everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As per the last time, I was impressed with the venue and your personal/professional training standards.”

Security Operations Manager

“Just to let you know that I have spoken to the team today and they are universal in their praise of the course and the way you ran it – they think it will have a profound impact on issues of trust, support and team bonding…I did not hear a single negative comment about the day and the team are buzzing at the moment so well done.”

Head of Human Resources

Cheltenham Borough Council: Coaching Skills in the workplace

“Dan was very patient and responsive to the group – he had some challenging questions which he handled well.”

“I found this coaching course extremely useful. It was well planned and presented in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“A significant amount of ground covered in a short period which unravelled a complex subject in a very practical and understandable format. Provides a springboard to invest in work colleagues by coaching them to develop at work for the future.”

Mencap, London, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Team Building

“Good balance between learning through teaching and experiencing. Non-challenging, open, honest and enjoyable.”

“Very well presented to create an understanding and inclusion of all personality types and individual needs.”

“I thought the day was very thought provoking and will help me as a manager to better understand how to communicate with my colleagues.”

“The course is very good – the day seemed to fly by!”

World Cancer Research Fund, London, Type Dynamics Indicator Programme

“The TDI event was a great team building experience, we all learnt a lot about one another as well as ourselves. Those who started the event feeling skeptical left feeling that they had learnt something new. Dan’s style of learning provision was less teacher and more facilitating; no one felt obliged to comment and no one was judged by what they said or did. It was a very positive experience and we all left feeling upbeat about ourselves.

Communicating with Dan has been very easy and straight forward from the beginning to the end. Dan was often always available when I needed information and was always able to provide me with all answers to my questions. I was grateful for Dan’s flexibility and understanding when arranging the date for the first event and also to our other needs.

For me, my expectations were exceeded. Most people found the event very refreshing and came out feeling rejuvinated and empowered. I am also excited by the prospect of arranging a follow-up event to keep the momentum going and to providing the training to all members of staff.” HR Manager

“This will certainly impact on our efficiency as a business”

“It was very useful to see this applied over our whole workgroup and see the dynamics that govern our companies behaviour”

“Really interesting course, highly recommend it for helping others to understand my own and my teams personality types. Great insight”.

“A Good, relaxed session that was a great deal of fun”.

Cancerbackup, London, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Workshop

“A very interesting day brilliantly presented”.

” I had no idea it would be so interesting. I learned a lot about me. Thank you”.

Cheltenham Borough Council, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Workshop

“As a trainer, it is great to see other trainers do a job well. Colleagues who have been trained by me mentioned my style is very similar to yours…I take that as a real compliment.”

“Fab, lively, useful, Brilliant – Thank you.”

“Very useful experience. Fun and informative…fascinating subject, could explore for a week.”

Museum of London Group, Team Performance Indicator

“I have used the Team Performance Indicator from Developing Potential UK to inform team development training and it has provided a valuable insight on the mood of the team and areas on which to focus when developing team exercises.

It was particularly helpful when it came to selection for the group sessions, identification of training objectives, subjects for discussion and the identification of next steps post training. It will also be very useful in providing a benchmark to facilitate more objective evaluation of the effectiveness of team development over time and provides a more rounded picture than simply using a single instrument to identify team role preferences or type.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who is considering more complex team interventions to improve performance or who may simply have concerns and wants a quick health check of a team to see where they are at this point in time.” Mark Richards, Head of Human Resources

Intense Photonics , Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Team Building Event

“Fun and surprising seeing individuals change more than expected.” P. McCallum, Head of Operations “Very beneficial in seeing my strengths and weaknesses and how I see other people in different formats (out of their comfort zone)”.

“I found the team building exercises valuable as they gave me more confidence to lead within my team.”

“Fun, interesting and very worth while.”