Key Punch Team Building / Communication Exercise

Keypunch keypad team building activity

Key Punch Team Building Exercise

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How does the Key Punch team building activity work?

Key Punch – also known as keypad – is a fun and dynamic team building and communication exercise. The team’s task is to touch all of the numbers, 1-30, in sequence and within the constraints of the brief provided. Success will require listening, planning, leadership, continuous improvement, error management and whole team involvement. 

Group Size: 5-12

What do you get when you buy the Key Punch team building activity?

  • 30 durable plastic numbered squares – 10cm x 10cm
  • Boundary rope
  • Laminated trainers notes
  • Laminated task brief
  • Laminated observer brief
  • Durable A5 wallet to keep it all together

Time needed:

  • 30 minutes excluding review/debrief

Use the Keypunch Team Activity for the following aims and outcomes:

  • Continuous improvement and error management
  • Team-working and communication
  • Leadership
  • Observation and feedback

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