Interlocker Team Building Exercise

Interlocking Planks Team Activity with padded carry bag, laminated briefs and trainers guide.

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Interlocker Team Building Activity

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Customer Feedback

I was looking for an activity that would allow my participants to work on some sort of puzzle, that would be physically challenging as well as a game that would cater for all age groups. Not an easy task. I came across Developing Potential (UK) on the internet and reached out to Dan. He promptly responded and within a few days I had the Interlocker Game in my hands that had been flown from the UK to Singapore. I used the Interlocker game with a group of senior leaders in Cebu, Philippines for a Leadership Workshop that I was moderating.  For the entire 3 days discussions were still continuing on how they approached, undertook and behaved during the Interlocker exercise. It’s worth the investment to have in your training tool kit – I loved it so much I’ve just ordered another one. ”  

Andrea – Leadership Trainer

What’s included?

Each Interlocker team exercise comes complete with full trainer notes, project briefs and best practice guidelines, and padded carry case. 

The Interlocker team exercise is machine cut from high quality Birch plywood, is lightweight, and coated with a durable lacquer finish. Each Interlocker set weighs 7kg and the longest piece is 96cm.  Each Interlocker team building activity comes with full trainer notes, laminated participant briefs, and a carry bag.

Interlocking Planks Team Building Game

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What is the Interlocker Team Building Activity?

This exercise goes by a few names – Product Assembly, Display Shelf, and Interlocker. The Interlocker team building activity  is made up of 15  interlocking planks, all of which need to be put together in a specific way. It takes most teams around 20 minutes to put the unit together on the first go. But would you believe us if we told you a high performing team can put this together in under 10 seconds? To achieve this, teams have to develop a clear strategy, have clearly defined roles & responsibilities, and constantly (re)evaluate their performance and methodology – all of the ingredients for high performance team work. The Interlocker team building and communication exercise produces much valuable learning that can instantly be applied to the world of work. High performance requires the deliberate practice of these key behaviours.  The Interlocker team exercise is ideal for general team buildinghigh performance team work, and continuous improvement training.

We use the Interlocker team building activity demonstrate the importance of: 

  • Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Sharing best practice
  • Process improvement
  • Cross team communication
  • Coaching
  • Understanding and defining roles & responsibilities
  • Working towards common goals
  • 100% Inclusion

We have found that the perfect number is around 6-10 people. For larger teams, we recommend using multiple units. Multiple units are ideal for demonstrating the importance of cross-team communication and a one-team approach, as sub-teams will inevitably develop different and more effective methods – the opportunities to share learning, mistakes and best practice will be plentiful. The time needed for this activity is generally around 90 minutes plus the time for a facilitated team review/debrief. As an extremely versatile team activity, we have run full day workshops around this exercise, focusing on continuous improvement methodology and other team processes.

If you would like a facilitated training event on how to get the best out of the Interlocker team activity, just get in touch. We will be happy to share our knowledge, experience, top tips and best practice, so that you can get the very best out of this exercise. 

Use the Interlocker Team Activity with:

  • Single teams
  • Multiple teams working to one goal
  • Multiple teams working in competition
  • Continuous Improvement curiculums  

“We are currently deploying Lean Manufacturing across our smelter. We have developed the Planks communication exercise to create a simulation that highlights the benefits of Standardised Work & QCO (Quick ChangeOver). We are now using the Interlocker Activity as part of the Lean Immersion training we carry out on site for internal employees from Lynemouth and other plants across Europe. Initial trials of the simulation were excellent hence the need for extra kits to allow bigger class sizes. The Interlocker team building exercise will now be a regular feature of our Lean Immersion training.”

Lean Coach, Rio Tinto

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