Farmers Team Building Game / Communication Exercise

Farmers Team Building Communication Activity

Farmers Team Building Game

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The Farmers communication exercise is a team building game that can be used with single or multiple teams, from 6-30 people and is a great way of exploring how a group/team currently communicates, and to identify ways for improvement and enhancement.  

Whether you are a trainer looking for some new exercises for your workshops, or a manager wanting to explore effective communication with your team, the Farmers communication exercises is a great experiential team activity that will get the whole team involved and will give you plenty of experiences to review and debrief with your group/team.  

These team building activities are compact, durable and come with full trainer notes/instructions, participant briefs, and a handy tough carry case to keep it all together. 

Use the Farmers communication exercise for the following aims and outcomes:

  • Problem-solving and decision-making 
  • Team-working
  • Leadership
  • Intra-team communication
  • Inter-team communication
  • Listening skills
  • One-team approach and common goals
  • Observation and feedback

What’s included in the Farmers Activity?

  • 1 set of 30 information cards
  • Trainer’s guide – how to run the exercise and debriefing suggestions
  • Observer’s guide
  • A handy reinforced plastic wallet to keep it all together

How does the Farmers team building game work?

The Farmers communication exercise is a logical problem-solver. A set of 30 information cards is distributed amongst team members.  Team members need to not only share information effectively, but they must quickly put in place a logical process, in order to fill in the blanks and complete the task.  

Clear communication and leadership are essential for success, as many people jump straight into trying to solve the problem ‘their way’, without an agreed way of moving forwards first, or a way of hearing and understanding all of the information available.  

You can also split the team into multiple sub-groups, to add complexity; simulating the distribution of information within organisations and departments.  This exercise also lends itself well to selection & assessment centres, where clear facilitative leadership is required. 

Group Size:


Time needed:

30-60 minutes excluding review/debrief

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