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“Excellent day of training, really well facilitated. Good style and helpful toolset for future work in teams.”

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In Short:

  • We deliver SDI Team Building workshops and professional development programmes to organisations throughout the UK – both in person and online.
  • Our Strength Deployment Inventory training courses are interactive, practical and make a difference on both a personal and professional level.
  • As a mobile consultancy, we come to you.  We deliver UK wide and internationally.  
  • We can tailor the content to meet your learning needs. 
  • You can also take the SDI online®.

What is the Strength Deployment Inventory®?

The Strength Deployment Inventory® is the result of works by Elias H. Porter on Relationship Awareness Theory and is based on the early works of Freud and Fromm. The Strength Deployment Inventory® (or SDI® ) is not a personality test in that it does not explore our personality. Instead, the Strength Deployment Inventory® is exactly that; an inventory of our behavioural strengths and underlying motivations. It is much more of a learning and discussion tool than a measure of personality. At the Strength Deployment Inventory’s core are four underpinning principles:

  1. We all do what we do because we want to feel good about ourselves -behaviour is driven by motivation.
  2. We tend to take two different approaches to life; 1. when we feel things are going well, and 2. when we feel that we are faced with opposition or conflict.
  3. A personal weakness is no more or no less than the overdoing or misapplying of a personal strength.
  4. We naturally tend to perceive the behaviours of others through our own Motivational Value System.

The Strength Deployment Inventory® describes a fluid system of three deep-rooted motivations that, when actualised through behaviour, give us self-worth. These three motivations are People, Performance, and Process. It is the degree to which these different motivations feature in our lives that make us so very different. The SDI® is also unique in that it reports how we behave in times of conflict – a perceived threat to our self-worth.

The Strength Deployment Inventory® Triangle/Model

Strength Deployment Inventory Triangle

What does the Strength Deployment Inventory mean for you?

It’s simple – your business performance is directly affected by your people’s ability to communicate effectively, the strength of their relationships and their levels of motivation.

Technical skill and ability is only half the story.  The quality of our work relationships affects work performance and productivity.  The quality of our professional relationships (with both colleagues and managers) has a large effect on how long we stay with a company and how well we perform.  The Seratoga Institute, based on over 19,000 exit interviews, found that some aspect of the individual’s relationship with their manager was a major reason for leaving in 80% of cases. When interviewed, 85% of those managers thought that the reason for leaving was for career opportunity and higher reward. The CiPD estimate the total cost of conflict in the UK to be in the billions and with hundreds of millions of lost workdays.  Also take into consideration the cost of recruitment, selection & assessment and then job training, you soon have reasons to put some focus on relationship awareness training.

The Strength Deployment Inventory® is simple to use and easy to understand. It allows managers, teams and individuals to communicate and relate to others more effectively. It moves beyond the external behaviours we experience in others and into the motivations, intentions and values that drive them.  As a learning tool, it opens up a conversation about how we prefer to relate to the world and have others relate to us. Understanding our own Motivational Value Systems, those of others, and how we react when these are compromised provides the opportunity to accelerate the building of stronger, more resourceful and more effective teams in any environment.

Our Strength Deployment Inventory® Training Courses can help you to:

  • Experience and understand the benefit of reflective practice in improving personal and team performance.
  • Accelerate team building, development and performance.
  • Build more effective and rewarding relationships with others.
  • Increase productivity through a more motivated workforce.
  • Increase performance through the reduction of conflict.
  • Develop your negotiation and influencing skills
  • Develop your leadership capability and emotional intelligence.

“Excellent facilitator on every level.”

“New concepts, very practical, exploration of conflict and trust was very valuable.”

“Fascinating start of a journey that needs action.”

NHS Leadership Development Programme

How much?

All of our Strength Deployment Inventory® training courses are designed with your exact needs in mind so contact us for a competitive price.  If you are an individual living in the UK, you can also take the Strength Deployment Inventory online.  

Strength Deployment Inventory® – Personal Strengths & Feedback Tools

Strength Deployment Inventory® – Expectations Edition

Strength Deployment Inventory Expectations Edition

An important but often overlooked part of any relationship is the clarification of expectations. Perhaps we usually find these out over time, or as and when the need arises – often at the cost of conflict or damage to the relationship. This Strength Deployment Inventory® -Expectations Edition – tool allows relational expectations to be clarified in a useful and safe way, providing the user with valuable learning opportunities and information from the beginning. Maybe it is your first day in your new role, with your new team, or perhaps you are wanting to take your performance to the next level and improve the quality of working relationships. Either way, the Strength Deployment Inventory® Expectations edition will give you a valuable and different perspective.  

Strength Deployment Inventory® – Feedback Edition

Strength Deployment Inventory Feedback Edition

Effective feedback is an important part of any personal development process.  Traditional 360 feedback tools focus on skills, capability and competence.  Enhance this process further through the Strength Deployment Inventory® Feedback edition.  

The Strength Deployment Inventory® Feedback edition explores a very different angle, seeking feedback on both intention and motivation. As this tool does not deal with skill, ability or competence, the results can be used as a safe and rich platform to explore what was ‘meant’ and what was ‘received’. This, in turn, creates a greater depth of understanding and personal effectiveness in what we do and how we do it.

SDI Strength Deployment Inventory Trainer UK

Our Strength Deployment Inventory® trainers and coaches are certified and experienced practitioners, having undertaken the official facilitator training. We use the Strength Deployment Inventory® on a regular basis with a variety of teams and individuals.

Who is it for?

The Strength Deployment Inventory® can be used with any intact, front line, leadership and management teams, including; junior, middle, senior and executive management. Whether you want to kick-start a newly formed team, are looking to develop your existing team or want to enhance your leadership skills, the versatility of the Strength Deployment Inventory® can really help with improving motivation and the quality of relationships.  We use the Strength Deployment Inventory ® as part of our Leadership Development and our Team Building & Development programmes.

Dates & Locations:

You decide! We can deliver our Strength Deployment Inventory® workshops and training courses at your place of work, a venue of your choice.  We deliver our SDI® training courses throughout the UK, to include London, Manchester, Birmingham and also internationally.  

Contact us now for more information or with your questions.

What our clients say

Client feedback about our total strength deployment inventory training

Spirax Sarco: Strength Deployment Inventory® & Team Building

“Really useful, challenging my comfort zone at times (a good thing)! Excellent facilitation to allow honest/open discussion without recrimination.”

“It’s a simple, easy to follow programme and its simplicity has many advantages.”

 “Excellent – looking forward to doing this with my team!”

“Right balance of learning, structure, interaction, activity and fun.”

Department for International Development: Strength Deployment Inventory® and Team Building in London

“Excellent day of training, really well facilitated. Good style and helpful toolset for future work in teams.”

  “Good framework for analysing my responses to different situations and for understanding the responses of others.”

“Concrete actions points to follow up on.”

Toyota Financial Services, Strength Deployment Inventory® Training & Improving Team Performance

“Excellent application of a good framework that will provide all participants with a toolkit for their personal/professional development.  The next step is to live the theory and see what difference it makes – the next bit is up to us individually/collectively.”

“I feel every company should do this.  I will surely recommend to many of my friends.”

“I have found the course helpful to me, so I may understand how to change my behaviour and work on my relationships in the workplace and socially.”

The Strength Deployment Inventory® in action:

As part of one of our client’s interest in organisational development, we took the whole department through the Strength Deployment Inventory®.  We can use the results to form a number of conclusions:

SDI Team Triangle with results

The majority of the department have a Flexible-Cohering (in the centre), Cautious-Supporting (blue-green), or Altruistic-Nurturing (blue) Motivational Value System.

In relation to the above, this is likely to affect the department’s culture in a number of ways.  The department is likely to be motivated by being flexible and accommodating (Hub), developing self-sufficiency in others through thoughtful systems and procedures (blue-green) and seeking opportunities for the protection, grown and welfare of others (blue).

It is far less likely to be motivated by task accomplishment and the organisation of resources (red), and by intelligent assertiveness and fair competition (red-green).  These are also known as blind-sides.

It is less likely to be motivated by establishing meaningful order, being self-reliant and independent (green). With a profile such as this, we would recommend clearly communicating the benefits of change in how it will help and support both employees and their relationships with clients and each other.  Any change process here should include ways in which all employees can be personally involved, giving particular focus to individual support, ideas, knowledge and inclusion.

We would also be encouraging employee development through activities and behaviours which may be less-than-comfortable to them, such as;

  • working to short deadlines (red)
  • promoting healthy competition (red), strategic prioritisation of workload to maximise the use of time and achieve maximum results (red-green)
  • developing greater self-sufficiency through independent working (green), and
  • spending more time on the finer detail and making sure work that all work is accurate and that all the facts are correct (green).

Knowing this information allows our clients to plan their interventions within their employees with greater success whilst meeting their personal needs.  The mishandling of change and employee development can be a costly process.  Use this SDI® to help ensure you get it right!

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