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Our experienced and accredited MBTI Step 2 trainers deliver MBTI programmes for team and leadership for organisations in London, UK wide and internationally. We come to you.  We are also able to deliver the MBTI Step 2 one-to-one or remotely. 

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The more detailed and specific information in the MBTI Step 2 can be helpful: 

  • In understanding a team’s needs in managing change
  • In supporting leadership development and leadership development programmes 
  • For ndividuals who are having difficulty determining their Step 1 best-fit type
  • For accelerated/enhanced team building, team development, and team management
  • In enhancing communication and problem-solving
  • For conflict management and conflict resolution.

When working with teams, the detailed information from the MBTI Step 2 is helpful: 

  • To distinguish between team members of the same type that may enhance or hinder the ways in which a team works together.
  • When the team may already be familiar with type, but wants to take its understanding of type and their results to a deeper level. 
  • To further develop self-peer awareness and peer-awareness; fundamentals in developing emotional intelligence.
  • When a team is ready for a more specific level of analysis of the team’s functioning

What is the MBTI Step 2?

Unlike the MBTI Step 1, the MBTI Step 2 reports behavioural patterns/ways of interacting with the world.  The MBTI Step 2 identifies five further facets (behavioural patterns) below each of the Step 1 preferences. The MBTI Step 2 is particularly useful whenever you need to look at different facets of a preference. For example, when it’s helpful to understand why one ESTJ is very different to another. Further, MBTI Step 2 explores and can explain differences between two Extraverts, one who is quiet and reserved in certain settings but has a large circle of friends and acquaintances and the other who is quite animated and enthusiastic in most settings but prefers having a few close friends rather than a large circle of acquaintances. The MBTI Step 2 can be particularly useful, therefore, in exploring personal and leadership styles and is a very useful tool for understanding and managing workplace conflict in critical teams and relationships

Use the MBTI Step 2:

  • To take your knowledge of personality type to a deeper level
  • In 1-2-1 development and coaching – either face-to-face or through telephone feedback.
  • To accelerate the building of high performance and critical teams
  • To develop your leaders
  • To understand and support needs in times of change and conflict

Download an example MBTI Step 2 report here

MBTI Step 2 Sample Report

Are you an individual wanting to complete the MBTI Step 2 questionnaire? Buy online and use our telephone feedback service.

What our clients say:

What our clients say about MBTI Step 2

Young & Co Brewery PLC – MBTI Step 2 programme

“Insightful, eye-opening, educational, well delivered.” 

“Most inspirational and eye opening thing I have ever done.  I would highly recommend if you want to learn about yourself and others.  Do it!” 

“I have completed the days feeling energised, motivated and focused.  

“I have taken on a lot of information to reflect on but I am very much looking forward to applying this to both personal and group projects.  The time spent bonding with our group has been invaluable.” 

MBTI Step 2 Facets

MBTI Step 2 Scales Facet Pairs

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