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As qualified users of the MTQ48 instrument, we administer and use the MTQ48 to help your people to be more successful. The MTQ48 can be used as a stand-alone development tool or part of wider learning and development programmes. 

What is the MTQ48?

The MTQ48 instrument, by AQR International, is a unique and innovative psychometric tool that measures and reports a person’s Mental Toughness.  Where many psychometric tests aim to measure how we behave and act, the MTQ48 explores how we think.  Understanding how we think is essential if we are to change and develop our behaviours; to respond differently – our thinking drives our behaviour. It’s an inside-out approach to change and development.

The results of the MTQ48 test enable the user to pinpoint the areas for development, together with practical strategies for implementation. The MTQ48 reports a person’s mental toughness over 4 areas; Commitment, ChallengeConfidence, and Control

MTQ48 Mental Toughness Model

What does the MTQ48 test measure?


Life Control – I really believe I can do it.

Emotional Control – I can manage my emotions and the emotions of others.


Goal Setting – I promise to do it. I like working towards goals.

Achieving – I’ll do what it takes to keep my promises and achieve my goals.


Risk-Taking – I will push myself.  I am driven to succeed. 

Learning from Experience – even setbacks are opportunities for learning. 


In Abilities – I believe I have the ability to do it – or can acquire the ability.

Emotional Control – I can manage my emotions and the emotions of others.

What is Mental Toughness?

“Mental Toughness is a personality trait that determines, in part, your ability to perform consistently under stress and pressure, and is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, and perseverance.” 

Mental Toughness can be measured. It is also a ‘plastic’ personality trait, which means it is changeable and can be developed with practice.  Great news for anyone wanting to develop their Mental Toughness and perform better!

Why is Mental Toughness Important?

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed where others have failed, despite similar abilities? What is it that separates the great from the good? Why is it that some people realize their potential and some don’t?

Research consistently proves the difference is not down to natural talent or intelligence.  Intelligence only accounts for around 30% of achievement. So what is even more important than natural talent or intelligence? It’s mental toughness. It’s how we use what we have, in the face of challenging, stressful and pressured environments.

Mental toughness explains up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals. That’s a huge competitive advantage in the world of business.

Research conducted worldwide has proven that mentally tough people:

  • have a more positive attitude to their work and to finding solutions – a ‘can do’ approach.
  • are better able to cope with the inevitable stress and challenges of life and are less prone to feeling bullied – they take less time off work.
  • are more ambitious and set more challenging targets for themselves and that they have a greater willingness to pursue these – they are more determined to succeed.
  • have a calmer and less stressful response to organizational change and are more prepared to take and manage risk.
  • give and achieve more.

Use the MTQ48 assessment:

  • For leadership coaching and development 
  • With your change leaders 
  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses of business-critical teams
  • With your emerging and future talent
  • As part of a balanced selection & assessment process

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