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In Short

We are experienced and accredited EQ-i® 2.0 and EQ360® trainers.  As qualified EQ-i® and EQ360® coaches, we administer both the EQ-i® and EQ360® for personal, team, management and executive development, and as part of larger development programmes.  We deliver UK wide and internationally to include London and Manchester. We come to you.

So what is Emotional Intelligence/EQ? 

You don’t need to look far to find evidenced links between emotional intelligence and success. Just think for a moment and bring to mind the best manager/leader you have experienced?  What sets them apart from poor, mediocre and average ones?  Some of it is likely to be technical competence, but we bet much of it is to do with their emotional intelligence and people skills.

Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence is defined as “the set of personal, social and emotional competencies that impact on a person’s ability to deal with daily demands and stresses in life, and to be successful in life in general.” Unlike IQ (which peaks at around 17), we develop our EQ throughout out life.  The good news is that the development of EQ can be accelerated with the proper support, training and coaching. 

What is the Emotional Quotient Inventory® – EQ-i?®

The EQ-i® assessment tool was developed by Dr Reuven Bar-On, and is recognised as one of the most scientifically valid tools for measuring Emotional Intelligence. It is available in both self-assessment and 360 degree feedback form. The EQ-i® is made up of 5 composite scales and 15 sub-scales:

EQ-i Model

1.  Self-Perception

– Self-Regard

– Self-Actualization

– Self-Awareness

2.   Self-Expression

– Emotional Expression

– Assertiveness

– Independence

3.   Interpersonal

– Interpersonal Relationships

– Empathy

– Social Responsibility 

4.  Decision Making

– Problem Solving

– Reality Testing

– Impulse Control

5.  Stress Management

– Flexibility

– Stress Tolerance

– Optimism 

EQi® & EQ360® Sample Reports

Example Leadership 360 Report

What the Emotional Quotient Inventory® (EQ-i®) means for you

Research in Emotional Intelligence originated in order to gain an understanding as to why some individuals with high IQ were not necessarily successful in the workplace, or in life in general, and to gain further understanding of the impact of other skills and competencies on workplace and personal success. Emotional Intelligence has been credited with up to 85% of success in leaders. Investing in these skills enables you to make the most of your talents and abilities. The EQ-i can be delivered as a stand alone coaching and development intervention or part of a wider leadership and management development programme.

We use the EQ-i® and EQ360® in a number of ways, to include:

Leadership & Management Development – The EQ-i® and EQ360® are the perfect tools to support your current and future leaders & managers on their development journey.  Uncover potential leadership derailers and develop their emotional intelligence in order to create productive, motivating and engaging managers. 

Executive Coaching – We use the EQ-i® and EQ360® as part of personal and executive coaching.  Develop your emotional intelligence in order to influence more effectively and lead yourself and your organisation more effectively.

Selection & Assessment – The EQ-i® can be used as part of a robust and balanced selection and assessment process.  Use the EQ-i® to measure the emotional intelligence of potential new hires and to fast track their development once selected. Ensure that you have both technical competent and emotionally competent hires.

How much does the Emotional Quotient Inventory®, EQ-i® cost?

All of leadership and management development programmes are designed and tailored to your specific needs. If you are interested in developing your leaders through the EQ-i®, please contact us to discuss your needs and for an accurate quote. 

If you are an individual wanting to complete the EQ-i/EQ360 and would like to receive your results and receive telephone feedback, you can do so here.

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