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In Short

Licensed trainers of the 16pf personality test, we come to you. We operate throughout the UK, and internationally, including London and Manchester. Our qualified 16pf trainers will work with you to understand your needs, administer the 16pf and feedback the results. We work 1-2-1, with teams, and offer remote administration and feedback.

What is the 16pf?

The 16pf (or sixteen personality factors), developed by Raymond Cattell, is a trait-based psychometric tool, that has a variety of uses within learning and development. The 16pf differs from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in that it measures the amount of personality trait as opposed to personality type. Simply put, it measures 16 factors which make up our personality. For detailed information on the 16pf and the 5 global factors, please read on.

As the 16pf measures personality trait (characteristics) it is possible to predict how the respondent might behave in a situation given their personality makeup. For this reason, the 16pf is one of the few personality instruments that can be used as part of a selection & assessment process. You can also choose from a variety of comprehensive interpretive reports to include; delegate report, manager’s report, career report, management potential report and a career development profile.

The 16pf can help you with:

  • Management development
  • Personal development
  • Accelerated coaching & development
  • Managing change more effectively
  • Professional development
  • Leadership development
  • Improving communication and resolving conflict
  • Team building & development
  • Career guidance & development   

The 16pf & Recruitment/Selection

Experts in the use and application of the 16pf, we are able to support you in your recruitment and selection process.  Working with your job specifications and competency frameworks, we will administer the 16pf and produce a custom report that provides you with extra information for the interview process, the questions that you really need to ask and our recommendations based on the candidate’s results. 

Thank you so much for the tests and questions, which were very helpful. We used some of your questions in the final round and Elected Members on the Panel found the questions and results insightful and helpful and complemented the interviews very well.

I would have no hesitation in using your services again. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again for your assistance.

Local Government – Selection Process for New CEO

The 16pf & Talent Development

The 16pf is a truly versatile tool.  Use the 16pf for developing your key talent, your managers and for increasing personal effectiveness through coaching.  Again, we will work with your existing competency frameworks and job specifications to produce custom and personal reports that identify areas for change, development and coaching.  Whether you want feedback/coaching to be personal and face-to-face, delivered over the telephone, or in written form, we deliver a flexible, professional and personal service. 

16pf Reports

16pf Interpretive Report – A comprehensive 14-page computer-generated report which explores personality through the 5 global factors and other useful areas.

16pf Career Development Report – A comprehensive report that uses 35 years of research.  Explores; problem-solving resources, patterns for coping with stressful situations, interpersonal interaction styles, organisational role and work-setting preferences, and career activity interests.

16pf Management Potential Report – The MPR is the perfect tool to support your employees with their transition into management and leadership roles.  Identify potential problems and barriers before they become an issue, taking proactive action that supports personal and professional development.

16pf custom Report – A custom report that is created by a 16pf professional, tailored to meet your professional development needs.

The 5 Global Factors of the 16pf

The 16pf reports personality on 5 larger scales, termed ‘Global Factors’. These are:

  • Relating to others – indicates how much time and energy you focus on interpersonal relationships as opposed to pursuing projects, ideas and tasks.
  • Influence & collaboration – identifies different traits that contribute to having a forceful, assertive, independent influence on your environment, or in having a more cooperative, collaborative style of functioning.
  • Thinking style – describes different styles of how you experience the world.  People at one end tend to have an intuitive, creative approach and those at the other end tend to have a more objective, realistic thinking style.
  • Structure & flexibility – identifies different ways of providing self-discipline and self-control, as opposed to adopting a more unrestrained and flexible approach.
  • Management of pressure – describes different styles of coping with pressure, disappointments, challenges, setbacks and other stressful circumstances.

The 16 primary factors of the 16pf are:

  • Warmth
  • Reasoning
  • Emotional Stability
  • Dominance
  • Liveliness
  • Rule-Consciousness
  • Social Boldness
  • Sensitivity
  • Vigilance
  • Abstractedness
  • Privateness
  • Apprehension
  • Openness to Change
  • Self-Reliance
  • Perfectionism
  • Tension
16pf personality scales

Download information on the 16pf (pdf)

If you are an individual, interested in taking the 16pf assessment and in receiving feedback from a qualified practitioner, click here.

Contact us for more information or with any questions you may have on the 16pf.

“The time you took to clarify our assessment criteria and your summary of the results was very much appreciated and helpful to us. It also assisted us with preparing the second interview questions and helped us to probe further on some areas that our normal questioning would have perhaps overlooked.

So far things are going well and we are very happy with the appointment. I think the 16pf really helped us build an objective view of candidates and was particularly useful for that position. I would certainly use it again in the future, for the right role.”

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