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Facilitator – noun – ‘a person or thing that makes an action or process easy or easier.’

We are experts in creating thinking environments, engaging people, and creating whole-team participation. We create the space for teams to reflect, (re)align, work through critical issues, and problem-solve. We provide our meeting facilitation services in London, Manchester & UK wide. We also work internationally. Get in touch to kick-start your meeting.

If the quality of our decisions is based on the quality of our ideas, then the quality of our ideas is based on the thinking environments we create. We are engineers of great thinking environments.

Meeting Facilitation London

In short

In addition to facilitating Team Vision & Values workshops, and Team Building and Development programmes, we also use our experience and expertise to design and facilitate productive meetings that create real value.

Whether you are a manager or team member tasked with organising an important meeting, it can sometimes be difficult to be both facilitator and meeting participant – you want to stay neutral but you also want to join in and participate; you can’t do both. Having an expert facilitator for your meeting means that your people can stay focused purely on participating in the content whilst we manage the meeting process and everything else.

Meeting Facilitator London

Having a meeting facilitator can help by:

  • Keeping team members focused, on track and to time.
  • Increasing inclusivity and engagement through a range of tools and techniques.
  • Directing the flow of the meeting; balancing process, content and actions.
  • Driving accountability and actions.
  • Challenging the team with its own thinking and unproductive behaviour.
  • Responding to the unexpected.

We will work closely with you to:

  • Understand your exacting needs
  • Define your meeting goals and outcomes
  • Design and facilitate an inclusive, engaging and creative process
  • Review your meeting and recommend any additional next-steps
Meeting Facilitator Manchester

We design and facilitate:

  • Team Building Workshops
  • Cultural Change & Engagement Workshops
  • Vision and Values Meetings
  • Problem Solving Meetings
  • Sensitive meetings that require a neutral facilitator