MBTI Workshops for NHS Teams

MBTI workshop for NHS

“On principle, I very rarely use strongly agree and like to suggest ways to improve. On this occasion, I can’t! Thank you for an excellent day.”

“Very engaging day, most helpful in building relationships. Interesting concepts which I have not come across before.”

Our NHS MBTI Workshops are perfect for:

  • Team Building – using the MBTI as part of a team building or department away-day. 
  • Senior Team Development – using the MBTI Step 2 to rapidly develop deeper relationships by understanding problem-solving styles, communication styles and approaches to conflict.  
  • Change Management – driving change more effectively by understanding the personality diversity, needs and strengths of your people.
  • Stress & Resillience – using the MBTI to understand the causes of stress and build robust strategies for increased resillience.