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Linking Skills Profile
Linking Skills Profile – TMSDI

What are Linking Skills?

Linking skills are a set of 13 skills essential for effective team leadership and management. Performed well, linking skills connect people with tasks in order to create high performance – teams become focused, productive, motivated, and agile. When there are gaps, teams can become misaligned, demotivated, and lack commitment; affecting both performance and productivity.

What is the Linking Skills Profile?

The Linking Skills Profile by TMS – also known as the Linking Leader Profile – is a highly-researched multi-rater/360 that reports on 13 skills essential for effective functional leadership and management; at all levels. The result is an easy to understand Linking Skills Report that details what you currently do and what you should be doing, together with suggestions for development.

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What does the Linking Skills Profile Report?

People Linking Skills

Around the outside of the model are 6 people linking skills essential for high energy team working. These skills need to be demonstrated effectively by the team leader and fostered in every team member.

People Linking Skills

Active Listening – listening before deciding

Communication – Keeping team members up-to-date on a regular basis

Team Relationships – Encouraging respect, understanding, and trust among team members

Problem Solving & Counselling – Being available and responsive to team member’s problems

Participative Decision Making – Involving team members in the problem solving of key issues

Interface Management – Coordinating & representing team members

Task Linking Skills

Inside the People Linking Skills are the five Task Linking Skills. These are essential to the key tasks of the leader and the more senior team members.

Task Linking Skills

Objectives Setting – Setting achievable targets with the team but always pressing them for improved performance

Quality Standards – Setting an example and agreeing on high-quality standards of work

Work Allocation – Allocating work to people based on their capabilities and preferences

Team Development – Developing balance in their team

Delegation – Delegating work when it is not essential to do it themselves

Leadership Linking Skills

At the very core of the Linking Leader Model are the two Leadership Linking Skills of Motivation and Strategy. Unless the leader has these skills and makes them part of their daily behaviour then the team is unlikely to reach its full potential.

Motivation – Inspiring others to give their best

Strategy – Devising effective action plans to achieve goals