Leadership & Management Training Courses

Leadership & Management Training Courses

“Leadership training courses are often one size fits all.  I have specific actions for myself and my career off the back of this.” 

Leadership Training Course, London, Global Communications Company

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Be Equipped with our Management & Leadership Training Courses

Many people are increasingly finding themselves in management and leadership roles, whether by official title or not. For many, this position comes as a result of their commitment, performance and competence in their previous role. The challenges that many managers and leaders face, however, are usually not those of technical competence but those of people, relationships, motivation and team performance.

We will work with you to to understand your management training and leadership needs and will design a tailored programme that develops your leaders for increased personal, team and organisational success.

You can expect your leadership training course to:

  • Be challenging
  • Be delivered in modules, giving participants opportunity to apply what they have learnt
  • Be practical and highly experiential
  • Include action learning
  • Create behavioural change and have real impact


Are you interested in qualifications?  Many of your employees will be.  If you bid for government contracts then they will want evidence of continuous professional development.  In an ever changing world each persons employability and professional portfolio is becoming increasingly critical.

Our courses can be linked to ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management ) who are the biggest providers of leadership courses in the country and have an enviable reputation.  The qualifications are linked to the Qualifications Credit Framework, which in a nutshell means you can transfer that learning credits to other courses such as an OU degree.

Added Value:  The links to the MBTI or the SDI or the 16pf can add enormous learning and organisational value to this programme and dovetails well with the ILM indicative content.

Options for Organisations:  For in-house courses we can step between the indoor and outdoor classrooms.  If your cohort is of the same managerial level, project team or department then the challenge of the outdoors mixed with the rigour of the cognitive challenge is a successful and proven combination used by some of the most successful organisations in the world.

Why invest in leadership & management training?

Benefits of our leadership & management training courses:

  • Increase self awareness and peer awareness
  • Effective leadership skills and behaviours
  • Effective communicating skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Increased motivation of yourself and those you lead
  • Peer feedback skills
  • Nationally Recognised Qualification

Leadership and management training courses ILM

ILM Programmes We Deliver:

ILM Level 2: Team Leader

ILM Level 3: Leadership & Management

ILM Level 3: Coaching & Mentoring

ILM Level 5: Excellence in Leadership

Who are these programmes for?

  • First line managers
  • Middle managers
  • Senior managers
  • Directors

Dates and locations:

Our programmes come to you or to a venue of your choice. As a mobile consultancy, we are able to deliver our leadership training programmes anywhere within the UK and internationally.

What our clients say

Client Feedback

Global Communications Company, Management Training Course – London

“Leadership courses are often one size fits all.  I have specific actions for myself and my career off the back of this.”

“Different insight to the normal leadership courses done before.  Good energy in facilitation.”

“I remained fully engaged and found the content thought provoking.  Really enjoy this!”

“Not just another development course or death by PowerPoint – it is practical!”

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