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Team Building in London

Team Building in London

“On principle, I very rarely use strongly agree and like to suggest ways to improve.  On this occasion I can’t! Thank you for an excellent day.”   

NHS Senior Team, Team Building Event

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We design and deliver team building & development programmes for:

Team Building

Through our Team Building Programmes, we can help:

  • Increase the levels of trust between team members.
  • (Re)enforce your organisational mission and values.
  • Increase team member’s self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Increased team member’s awareness of the needs of others.
  • The team to identify  and work on team strengths and blind spots.
  • Increase motivation and productivity.
  • Develop a culture of feedback and continuous improvement.

Why is Team Building Important?

People are complex and unique.  We all have different needs, strengths, aspirations, personalities and values. It’s people that make the difference though; your people have the power to make or break your organisation.    Education and training often focus on academic knowledge and technical skills training, but rarely on interpersonal skills and relationship building.  Effective leaders understand this, spending as much time building and developing their teams and its members as they do on other functions. 

New teams need to establish clarity of purpose, create interdependence and develop trust quickly in order to be productive.  Existing teams need continual development, stretch and investment to ensure relationships are strong and take your organisation forward.  The cost of you not investing is always on performance and therefore, output.   

Our Team Building Programmes

Whether its a team-building away-day or a longer team development programme, all of our programmes start with one simple question: How do you want your people to be different at the end? Keeping these outcomes in mind, we will design and deliver an effective and engaging team-building experience that your people will remember and with practical learning that they can instantly use.  Using our experience and expertise, we will work with you to create a team-building programme that is relevant to what you do, creates behavioural change, and one that moves your team in the right direction.   

Indoor team building workshops london

Where & When?

You decide! All of our team building & development programmes are bespoke and with you in mind.

Our indoor team building & development programmes come to you or to a venue of your choice. If you would like an outdoor management and team development course, click the link. As a mobile consultancy, we are able to deliver our programmes anywhere in the UK. 

Contact us now for more information or with your questions.

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What our clients say

Team building feedback

NHS, Team Building Programme: Executive Team

“On principle, I very rarely use strongly agree and like to suggest ways to improve.  On this occasion, I can’t! Thank you for an excellent day.”

“Very engaging day, most helpful in building relationships.  Interesting concepts which I have not come across before.”

“Excellent day.  Useful personally and also to get to know the other folk in the team – feel warmly towards everyone in the room because I know them a bit better – thank you.”

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