Team Building for Graduates

Accelerated Team Building & Onboarding Programmes for Graduates & Apprentices

Team Building for Graduates and Apprentices

“It would have taken me much longer than it has to develop this many relationships, and to the degree which I have developed them to.”

Course Participant

In Short:

We design and deliver team building and development programmes for graduates and apprentices; creating accelerated integration and onboarding. 

We also design and deliver personal development programmes that help your graduates and apprentices to excel. These programmes are for universities and colleges, and for newly hired graduate/apprentice populations within your business.   

The Graduate Challenge:

Graduate and apprentice programmes bring with them a variety of challenges. Whether on a post-graduate programme, graduate development programme in business, or as part of an apprenticeship scheme, academic ability only takes people so far. Your graduates and apprentices are now transitioning into the world of work; a world of team-working, leadership, followership, and the alignment of behaviour with your organisation’s values and culture.  

This transition and onboarding needs to be efficient and effective if your new hires are to thrive.  They need to integrate quickly into teams, communicate effectively, lead relationships, and deliver.  They need to be self-starters, take ownership, and learn quickly.  They need to understand and live your company values.  They need to have high levels of emotional intelligence and resilience. 

Graduate Team Building Days

How Our Graduate Development Programes Can Help

  • Our graduate team building and on-boarding programmes are designed to help your new hires bridge the gap between academic ability and effective team-working; maximising the potential of your in-house programme and equipping participants with a credible tool box for use in the commercial environment.
  • We deliver a number of programmes from one-day accelerated relationship and team-building events to five-day outdoor experiential personal development and leadership programmes, and from single workshops to modular programmes which are delivered in tandem with your graduate and apprentice content.
  • We will work closely with you to design a graduate team building and development programme that meets your business needs,  learning outcomes and instils your company values.   

“Very challenging and enjoyable. Brought me forwards in leadership and speaking out.”

Course Participant
Team Building for Apprentices

Benefits of our graduate team building & apprentice programmes:

  • Increased networking and faster team integration
  • Increased leadership and team management skills for fast-track graduates 
  • Accelerated understanding and living of your company values
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Develop skills in self-management for learning and working
  • Build more constructive relationships with tutors, mentors and other stakeholders/customers
  • A deeper awareness and understanding of the attitudes and behaviours essential for effective cross-cultural team-working
  • A more commercially credible graduate/apprentice programme.
Graduate and apprentice team building programmes

What our clients say

Feedback from out graduate team building programmes

Sheffield Hallam University – Masters in Real Estate – Graduate Team Building Programme:

Programme Outcomes:

  • Accelerate the building of relationships between students and faculty and set the foundations for creating a strong, supportive community for the rest of the year.
  • Participate in a safe, unassessed environment where students can engage in a variety of teams/team tasks and explore the dynamics of those teams and the individual personalities therein.
  • Experience and explore the realities of working in a time constrained, fast-paced dynamic environment.
  • Experience and understand the benefit of reflective practice in improving personal and team performance

“It was a very different experience to what I expected! It was a good way to approach ice-breaking situations away from the normal team building events.”

“Enlightening with enjoyable group activities that help me to get to know the other people in my group better both personally and professionally.”

“It has made me be more aware of the different approaches to a given task and how we can integrate different personalities to form the strongest possible team.”


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