Team Formation & Alignment Programmes

Team vision and values trainer

In Short:

We design and facilitate both Team Vision & Values workshops, and Team Alignment programmes to suit your team’s needs, whatever its stage of development. We come to you or to a venue of your choice. Our programmes are highly interactive and delivered throughout the UK and internationally. 

The Need:

Teams are organic, living things made up of complex individuals; all with differing values, needs, beliefs, skill-sets, goals and sense of purpose.  The problem is is that we often hold onto the outdated Victorian idea that team’s are machine-like and should simply work as soon as we ‘put them together’. The most common mistake that managers and organisations make is to go straight into the planning and execution of tasks, only to be left feeling that so much more could be achieved; that the team aren’t aligned or as motivated as they could be. There’s a reason for that.  They aren’t.

Our Team Alignment Programmes:

Whether you are putting together a brand new team, or you wanting to re-invigorate a more mature team, we can help. Using our experience and expertise, we will work with you to understand your business, your team’s needs and to design a programme that:

  • builds trust, understanding and commitment.
  • creates self and peer-awareness of strengths and working styles.
  • builds a team vision, shared values and agreed performance behaviours.
  • sets shared and aligned task, team and individual goals.

How much?

Our team alignment programmes are designed to meet your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. 

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