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Strength Deployment Inventory Team Building Workshop London

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In short:

We design and facilitate SDI® 2.0 Team Building workshops and training programmes for organisations and teams both online and throughout the UK, to include London and Manchester.  We also deliver our Strength Deployment Inventory® Team Buildings programmes internationally.

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What is the Strength Deployment Inventory® 2.0?

The Strength Deployment Inventory ® – or SDI® – is based on the works of Elias Porter and Relationship Awareness Theory. It is a proven and memorable learning tool that explores both our sources of motivation (motivational values) and how we respond in times of conflict – when we perceive our motivational values are under threat. The SDI® is not a personality test.  It is, however, an inventory of your strengths, how you prefer to deploy them and how you prefer to engage in the world/have others engage with you. It is a self-awareness, learning, and discussion tool for better relationships, reduced conflicts and increased individual and team performance; perfect for team building and vital for the world of business.

Strength Deployment Inventory Team Building

Benefits of an SDI® 2.0 Team Building workshop?

  • Increased self-awareness – understand and articulate your needs more clearly
  • Increased peer-awareness – understand and meet the needs of team members more effectively
  • Accelerate the building of stronger relationships
  • Lead relationships more effectively –  with clients, internal customers and team members
  • Increase levels of motivation within your teams
  • Have better conflicts – identify and manage conflict more effectively in self and in others
  • More effective team-working and communication

“Enjoyable and interesting, a tool I can think about/use in and outside of work.”

“Very interactive and easy to understand.”

“Really positive, genuinely useful.”

Capital Investments Group, London

Who are our Strength Deployment Inventory® 2.0 Team Building Workshops for?

What does a Strength Deployment Inventory® 2.0 Team Building workshop look and feel like?

All of our Strength Deployment Inventory® Team Building workshops are facilitated by qualified and experienced Strength Deployment Inventory® trainers.

Administration of the SDI® can either be done prior to your team’s event; electronically, or completed on paper on the day itself. We’ll be happy to talk through your needs and recommend which way is best.

After orientating your team to the outcomes and the journey for their event, we will start by positioning the SDI® and its benefits.  After this, we deliver the Theory part of the SDI® in an interactive and practical way that makes it easy to understand and to remember. Now its time to receive/generate personal results and some light reading.

Once people have received their own personal results we’ll spend much more time bringing the SDI to life through facilitated group discussions and team activities, to include the team triangle (see example below) – all with the aim of accelerating both the building of relationships and individual learning.

The final stage of your SDI® Team Building workshop is the important step of ‘What next?’ In this stage, the team – and individuals – will explore what to do with their learning; creating a team action plan and sharing individual commitments with the team. 

SDI Strength Deployment Inventory Team Building

How much does a Strength Deployment Inventory® 2.0 workshop cost?

This simply depends on your outcomes and the design of your SDI® Team Building programme. As all of our programmes and workshops are delivered in-house we charge a daily rate for facilitation plus resources per person. This is cost effective to ensure you can train as many people as possible and ensure the content is exactly what you need. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

What our clients say

Strength Deployment Inventory SDI Team Building Workshop

Sheffield Hallam University – Accelerated Team Building using the SDI®

“It has made me be more aware of the different approaches to a given task and how we can integrate different personalities to form the strongest possible team.”

“It would have taken me much longer than it has to develop this many relationships, and to the degree which I have developed them to.”

Very challenging and enjoyable. Brought me forwards in leadership and speaking out.”

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