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Outdoor Team Building for Managers London

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“Just to let you know that I have spoken to the team today and they are universal in their praise of the course and the way you ran it – they think it will have a profound impact on issues of trust, support and team bonding…I did not hear a single negative comment about the day and the team are buzzing at the moment so well done.”  

Museum of London

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The Business Case for Outdoor Team Building & Development

Outdoor Management Development (OMD) and outdoor team building has long been used as a way to facilitate accelerated change and develop effective leadership and team-working skills. Using the power of the great outdoors, we will put together a programme based on your individual needs that will stretch and develop your team’s leadership and interpersonal skills. This is a powerful and effective way to facilitate fast and long-lasting change. Real experiences, real consequences and real meaning: all transferable and very applicable to the business environment.

Why does it work so well? We operate a policy of ‘Challenge by Choice’. This means that through consultation with you, we will provide a series of challenges to stretch and strengthen your team and its members. Participants are always in control of their level of participation and how they contribute to the team’s goal. Rather than avoid issues and challenges, we find that fully adopting this inspiring approach leads to team members being empowered to take on responsibility and new challenges and to have honest and open conversations about what they feel they can and cannot do.

Outdoor team building london
Outdoor team building london
Outdoor team building london

Outdoor team building london

We provide outdoor team building and development programmes for:

  • Existing teams
  • Newly formed teams
  • Graduates
  • Apprentices
  • Management & leadership teams
  • Selection events

Why invest?

Benefits of Outdoor Management Development & Team Building include:

  • Increasing Self-Awareness
  • Increasing Peer-Awareness 
  • Effective Team-working & Leadership Skills 
  • Effective Communicating Skills 
  • Increasing Motivation 
  • Increasing Team Morale 
  • Valuing Diversity 
  • Coaching Skills 
  • Peer Feedback Skills
Benefits of our team building programmes.

You can choose your programme to include any (and all) of the following:

Outdoor Leadership Training Programmes

Outdoor Leadership Training London
Outdoor Leadership Training London
Outdoor Leadership Training
Outdoor Leadership Training

Who is it for? 

Teams and leaders at all levels.

Dates & Locations:

You decide! All of our outdoor team building & development programmes are bespoke and with your needs in mind.  We deliver our programmes throughout the UK to include London, Manchester, Birmingham and internationally.

Programme Duration: 

Whether you want one day, one week or flexible modular delivery, we will put together a bespoke OMD & Team Building programme to meet your exact needs.


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What our clients say

Outdoor Team Building London

Museum of London, Outdoor Team Building & Development Programmes

“The day was a hugely enjoyable experience that challenged the whole team in a really positive way. We have all felt the benefits back in the workplace and the opportunity to see colleagues demonstrate different types of skills and strengths outside the workplace was invaluable.”

Team Manager

“Thanks for the training day last Friday – everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As per the last time, I was impressed with the venue and your personal/professional training standards.”

Security Operations Manager

“We have found Developing Potential (UK) to be extremely accommodating and have worked in partnership to develop our Team Development Programme.  Each event gives us an opportunity to make improvements to the content/delivery etc and Dan is always open to suggestions and supports with recommendations.  Both team managers felt that their own individual objectives had been met after the event and that the feedback provided from Developing Potential (UK) was very useful in helping to identify that the team’s individual and shared aims had been achieved. 

Spread across the two groups the main consensus was that the activities were spot on and allowed the teams to work together through shared experiences.  Dan was very helpful in asking and thus highlighting how the learning from the activities could be applied back in the workplace.  Thanks for a great evening and day!”

HR Manager

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