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We deliver MBTI® team building workshops online in-person, delivering UK-wide to include London & Manchester

MBTI Team Building Workshop

“Thoroughly enjoyable, time flew by. Not death by PowerPoint which was a bonus and liked the fact that it was more based around discussion and bullet point facts.”

Nike – Team Building Workshop

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In short:

  • We design and deliver interactive MBTI® team-building workshops, team away days, and MBTI® training courses for groups, teams, and leaders.
  • We deliver our MBTI® programmes virtually / online, and throughout the UK including London & Manchester. We also deliver internationally. We come to you.
  • Our MBTI® team-building events and training courses are suitable for newly formed teams and for the development of more mature teams.
  • We are team-building specialists. 15 years of delivering MBTI® programmes, we are qualified to deliver both the MBTI® Step 1 and MBTI Step 2 as well as a number of other personality tests and assessments. Our MBTI® Practitioners are highly experienced.
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What is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is a questionnaire and framework based on the works of Carl Jung. It explores and reports psychological type/differences. Originally created by Myers & Briggs, the MBTI® reports clarity of psychological preference across 4 scales. The MBTI® does not report trait (predictive behaviour), skill, competence, or ability. As such, the MBTI® cannot be used for selection & assessment.

MBTI Personality Test Scales

Benefits of our MBTI® Team Building Workshops

  • Accelerate the building of productive team relationships.
  • Reduce the cost of poor communication.
  • Reduce and manage conflict more effectively.
  • Quickly identify individual and team strengths and blind spots.
  • Increase motivation within your team.
  • Be a more effective leader/manager by understanding the make-up of your team from the very start and understanding what different people need and expect from you.
  • Communicate and manage change more effectively.
  • Be a more effective mentor and coach.

“A journey of self-discovery and discovery of others’ needs and wants. I have an appreciation of the implications of not catering to others’ needs/wants”

Manager, Topps Tiles

What do our MBTI® Team Building workshops look and feel like?

The MBTI® questionnaire can be administered online and you will receive a work-focused report.

All of our MBTI® workshops are active and experiential – this means minimal to no PowerPoint and plenty of you!  People work perfectly and you are the expert in your own personality.  Discussion and interaction form a large part of your MBTI® team building programme.

We will spend some time understanding what the MBTI® tool is (and isn’t) and learning about the four pairings/8 differences that the MBTI® describes.  You will engage in a variety of experiential tasks that bring the MBTI® differences to life; accelerating your understanding of personality type.

Sample Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Type in organisations Report

After learning a bit about the eight MBTI® differences, you’ll start the process of exploring the team’s results.  This is where real team-building begins.  Our facilitators will carefully lead you through a series of learning activities that will help to build trust, empathy, and understanding between and within the team.  This will leave the team in a place to respond differently and more effectively when it comes to personality differences.  

An important part of your MBTI® team workshop is to explore team strengths, motivators, and potential blind spots.  The team will spend time exploring:

  • the areas that they may find easier and more difficult.
  • communication differences and needs.
  • causes of potential conflict.
  • team actions and individual commitments.
Myers Briggs Test Team Building London

MBTI® Reports to Meet Your Needs

Having completed the MBTI® questionnaire, you will have access to a variety of different reports, dependent on your needs. Download sample MBTI® reports below.

Sample MBTI Team Report

Sample MBTI Profile Report

Sample MBTI Personal Impact Report

Sample MBTI Type In Organisations Report

Sample MBTI Report for Healthcare Professionals

Sample MBTI Comparison Report – Work Styles

Sample MBTI Communications Style Report

Sample MBTI Decision Making Report

Sample MBTI Career Report

Sample MBTI Step 2 Interpretive Report

What our clients say:

MBTI Team Building Days feedback

MBTI Team Building Away Day – Design Scene, London

“Thoroughly enjoyable, time flew by. Not death by PowerPoint which was a bonus and liked the fact that it was more based around discussion and bullet point facts.”

MBTI Team Building  Workshop – Nike, Manchester

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great to take time away from the office. Good to get the team together.”

Myers Briggs Team Building Workshop – Sabic, Teeside

“Great fun, very educational, and revealing. I learned a lot about my personal style and I’ve already seen improvements in my approach to things as I try to improve my blind spots.”

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