Accelerated Team Formation and Alignment

Accelerated team formation

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What is it?

Wheels work best when they are round.  They also work best when they are aligned with others.  Taking time to build and develop your team is always important, not least at the start of your team’s journey.  This two-day team-formation programme is designed to give your team the best possible start and to ensure that you hit the ground running, as one aligned team and with a clear and agreed vision.  On this accelerated team formation programme you will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete, understand and share your personal Team Management Profile results with others.
  • Build stronger relationships with others.
  • Explore the team profile; strengths and blind-spots.
  • Contribute to the team’s purpose, values and behaviours.

You will leave this programme with:

  • Your personal copy of your Team Management Profile report – 208 variations available.
  • A driving manual for all team members – how you can get the best out of them.
  • An understanding of the team’s make-up, its strengths, blind-spots and actions needed to increase it’s performance.
  • Agreed and aligned team values and behaviours.

This accelerated team formation programme is for you if:

  • You are forming a new team
  • Your team has gone through some recent changes – both people and purpose
  • It is important that this team has the best possible start
  • You are committed to team building and development – you know that building and developing teams is not just a one day event 
Accelerated Team Formation Workshops

What our clients say

Client Feedback

Spirax Sarco –  Team Formation and Launch Programme

“Definitely a worthwhile day.  Hit the objectives perfectly.”

“The opportunity to take valuable time away from the office has been a very worthwhile investment.  The careful approach and design ensured maximum benefits were achieved.”

“Very good and interactive.  Felt that I was involved from the beginning to the end.”

“Excellent way of coming together as a new team and start to build relationships and set a common vision.”