Resilience Training for Managers

Resilience Training for Managers London

In Short

We deliver our resilience training for managers courses in London, Manchester and throughout the UK.  We also deliver our programmes internationally.  We come to you or to a venue of your choice. Our resilience training is suitable for leaders, managers and any employees who need to operate effectively in demanding, high-pressure environments. 

What is resilience?

Simply put, it is ‘the ability of a substance or object to bounce back into shape; elasticity’.  It is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty and adversity.

Why is resilience training important?

We live in a time where change is frequent, rapid and often intense. It is our ability to respond to, and deal effectively with, this change that is a key factor in the success of individuals, teams and organisations.  You might be interested to know that in 2014, 10.4 million business days were lost to stress alone.  At an average cost to businesses of £618 per day, that’s a cost of £6.4bn to the UK economy.  Developing resilience is a key factor if organisations are to be agile, adaptive, creative and innovative, and to respond well to inevitable change. The ability (elasticity) of your people to bound back into shape and recover quickly from adversity becomes critical. Equipping leaders and employees with the skills to deal effectively with challenge and failure is essential for success and in creating an agile and forward-moving learning organisation. 

Resilience Training Course for Managers London

Developing Resilience

Dealing effectively with difficult situations and building resilience requires a number of skills, attitudes and behaviours – all of which are learnable and can be practised. Our highly practical Resilience Training for Managers course will help you to:

 – Become more tolerant of uncertainty, anxiety and stress

 – Understand your strengths and values that help you to become more resilient

 – Operate from a more assertive and resilient mindset

 – Be more comfortable with embracing failure

 – Accelerate the process of bouncing back from setbacks and adversity

 – Deal with stress, worries and work pressure more comfortably

 – Re-frame challenging situations and learn valuable lessons from difficulty

 – Implement problem solving and creative skills

Resilience Training for Managers Course Content

Day 1

Defining resilience

Resilience as a Process

Building Blocks of Resilience

What hinders Resilience?

Dealing with uncertainty/ambiguity

Developing response capability

Developing resilience confidence

Creating a resilience network

Emotional Intelligence

Empathy as a process

Regulating ‘Emotional Highjacks’

Re-framing situations

Learned optimism

Perspective taking

Growth vs Fixed mindset

Day 2

Handling setbacks

Handling worries and anxiety

Handling stress and pressure

Deconstructing a problem

De-catastrophysing techniques

Separation techniques

Hope as a process

Purpose and meaning

Faith as an anchor

Limiting beliefs

Cultivating resilience

Handling shock

Crisis management

Problem solving techniques

Creativity as a process

The resilient manager

The resilient organisation

How Much?

Our resilience training for managers course is a 2-day in-house programme.  We come to you or to a venue of your choice.  Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 people per programme.  The cost per programme is £2995.  Excludes travel, accommodation & VAT, where applicable.