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In Short:

We deliver our two-day mentoring training for managers course to organisations throughout the UK. This is an in-house training and will equip your managers with the knowledge and skills to be effective workplace mentors.

Mentoring Training for Managers – be an inspiring mentor!

This practical, mentoring skills training course ‘Manager to Mentor in 2 Days™’ will enhance your manager’s leadership and communication skills and help them to understand what is required to be an effective, supportive and understanding Mentor. It is designed for any manager wanting to develop their mentoring skills. Your managers will leave with a practical toolkit which will allow them to be a confident Mentor, providing valuable support in a workplace mentoring/learning & development programme.

A core objective of our Mentoring Training for Managers programme is to ensure that your managers develop into an effective mentor who contributes to improving the performance of others and thus improves the performance of your organisation. What makes this mentoring skills training course different? We will give you everything your managers need to evaluate the needs of your mentee/protégé and manage a successful mentoring relationship – from day one, to the day you both decide to cut the cord. Unlike stand alone courses, we will help you develop a mentoring programme which is designed to meet the needs of the mentor, mentee and your business.

What makes our mentoring training courses different? We also provide a matching service for your mentors and mentees/protégés to ensure you all get the best possible start.

What this mentoring skills for managers course covers: 

  • Qualities of a successful mentor
  • Differences between coaching and mentoring 
  • Mentoring toolkit – everything you need to manage effective sessions, from first meeting to cutting the cord 
  • Advanced questioning & listening techniques
  • Overcoming resistance to change 
  • Goal setting and evaluating progress 

Who is this programme for? 

  • Experienced managers who want to formalise their mentoring skills 
  • Managers who are keen to promote a mentoring culture within the organisation 
  • Team leaders who are keen to learn more about empowering and motivating others to perform at their very best 
  • HR or learning and development specialists who are looking to introduce a mentoring programme into the workplace 

When & Where?

We will organise your mentoring skills for managers training course to take place at a suitable venue near you. 

How much?

This is an in-house training course requiring a minimum group size of 9. The cost is £350.00 per person excluding VAT and suitable venue.

What our clients say

Mentoring Training Feedback

“This course changed my life. It has inspired me to better myself as a manager and mentor.” 

Technical services manager, Boden.

Mentoring training course for managers London Manager Mentoring training for managers