Facilitation Skills Training

Creating Maximum Engagement in Meetings with our Facilitation Skills Training Courses

“Fun, a lot of variety, practical, challenging, applicable to both personal and business development.”

Facilitation Skills Training Course

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In Short:

The quality of a team’s decision-making and problem-solving is dependent on the thinking environments your people create. Given that some managers can spend between 25-75% of their time in meetings that time needs to be well spent.

We deliver in-house facilitation skills training courses in London, Manchester and throughout the UK for groups of 6-10 people.  Our facilitation skills training courses help you to increase engagement, empower your people and to develop problem-solving skills in teams – essential in today’s world where teams and organisations need to be agile. We are also able to design and deliver advanced facilitation skills training for those that have honed the fundamentals and want to build their knowledge, further their skills and develop their practice. 

Who is this Facilitation Skills Training Course for:

  • Managers – wanting to increase engagement and run more effective problem-solving/solution-finding meetings.
  • Those new to facilitating meetings and problem-solving sessions.
  • In-house trainers – you might also be interested in our Train the Trainer Courses.
  • Anyone responsible for running meetings where engagement and effective problem solving in groups is important.

What our clients say about our Facilitation Skills Training Courses

Facilitation skills training courses

“I enjoyed it!  Pure and simple.  Got stuck in and learned.  Would recommend anyone to do the same.”

“Entertaining, engaging, skill enhancing and valuable for running our business.”

“It’s a good learning experience when three days feel or blend into one.”

“Great learning experience. Fun, challenging, very constructive.”

Why invest in Facilitation Skills Training?

  • Run better meetings where more people are engaged and involved
  • Be a more effective & credible manager
  • Find potential solutions and solve problems faster through the power of group thinking
  • Support a culture of engagement, ownership and empowerment

You will leave our Facilitation Skills Training Course with:

  • A clear understanding of the role of the facilitator/manager in group-based problem solving
  • Practical tools and methods to increase engagement and participation in meetings
  • Practical tools and methods to aid the problem-solving and solution finding process
  • Having designed, practised and received feedback on delivering a 60 minute facilitated problem-solving session
  • Identified actions to apply in your context

Facilitation Skills Training Course Content

  • Structuring effective meetings
  • Tools and methods for problem-solving and solution finding
  • Tools and methods to increase participation and engagement
  • Learning styles and meeting group needs
  • Graphic Drawing and facilitation without PowerPoint
  • The role of the facilitator/manager in problem-solving sessions
  • Reviewing tools and techniques
  • Designing your meeting/facilitation session
  • Live practice supported by mentoring and feedback
  • Next steps and action planning

Where and When?

We come to you. We can deliver our facilitation skills training courses programmes in London, Manchester and throughout the UK, either at your place of work or a suitable venue of your choice. We also deliver internationally. This is an in-house programme. 

How Much?

Our facilitation skills training courses can be run for group sizes of 6-10 people.  The total cost for the course is £3495. Excludes travel, VAT and appropriate venue.   To ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills developed on the programme, and to ensure that you get maximum return on investment, we also offer live workplace mentoring.  We recommend that course participants have the opportunity to run a supported meeting, using the knowledge and skills from the course, within two weeks of the programme. 

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