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“The balance between theory and practical information was perfect. In other courses I have attended I have felt the practical parts have been added in with no real purpose but I could see the benefit of every practical exercise. I would love to attend more courses like this.”

Learning & Development Manager

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Benefits of our coaching skills for managers training programmes

Develop the skills to:

  • coach & support through change
  • drive performance and accountability
  • develop resourceful and self-directed learners
  • create a culture of empowerment & engagement
  • build even more effective relationships with your employees

Be an even better manager with our coaching skills training

Just think for a moment…when have you been at your absolute best, and what was that like?  Also, take a moment to think about the most inspirational manager or leader that you know.  That person who seems to be able to get so much more out of the people they work with.  How about that teacher that seems to be able to get extraordinary results from those in their class?  When you think about these experiences, what do you notice?  What do they have in common?  Freedom, growth, responsibility, challenge, feedback, belief, a high-level relationship?

Coaching is a skill, approach, and mindset that develops others through their own resourcefulness and builds upon their capabilities.  The process of coaching is a powerful one.  It develops self-sufficient, confident, and self-directed problem-solvers.  What does that mean for you?  More time for your managers to lead your business, higher levels of engaged and motivated employees, and an innovative and forward-looking workforce. 

What will your coaching skills for managers course look like?

Our Coaching skills for managers programmes are focused on your workplace combining a great mix of coaching theory, a bit of NLP, and a lot of deliberate practice  You will leave with the knowledge and understanding needed to engage in coaching conversations; both formally and informally.  Asking the right questions is a big part of coaching. You will leave with the frameworks and confidence needed to structure coaching conversations, whether it is a focused coaching session, part of an appraisal conversation or simply standing by the water cooler.  

Typically, this Coaching Skills for Managers training course is two consecutive days.  If you’d like to make it three days by either including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or simply more time for practice, you can! You can also support the development of your managers and their new skills with our facilitated coaching forums.

“Great experiential experience. Learning skills that will support our cultural journey. I clearly now understand the principles of coaching, the difference between giving advice, mentoring and coaching, and have learned new tools to use not just in the work environment but for personal growth and understanding as well.  This was well worth the time and I would advise others to invest – it will make your job a lot easier!”

Senior Manager – Engineering Company

Content covered:

  • Defining coaching – the difference between coaching, mentoring and other interventions
  • The principles and mindset of coaching
  • Coaching styles
  • Practical coaching tools
  • Lots of practice
  • Questioning techniques
  • Empathy and feedback
  • Coaching models and frameworks for outcome-based conversations
  • Contracting for the coaching relationship

“Excellent, engaging and fun, the coaching skills programme has provided us with the tools and training necessary to be a coaching organisation. The training activities are tailor-made to suit the specific business needs and were challenging and thought-provoking. I would recommend others to take this training as it offers an in-depth look into coaching in difficult situations, coaching styles, boundaries and ethics. Very useful, everything I expected and more.”  

Learning & Development – Cheltenham Borough Council

Who is it for?

  • Leaders and managers of any level new to coaching conversations
  • Mentors
  • Anyone responsible for or interested in the learning and development of employees

Dates & Locations:

Our Coaching Skills for Managers Training courses are typically either two or three days long. As a mobile consultancy, we are able to deliver our programmes at your place of work or at a venue of your choice. We deliver our Coaching Skills for Managers training courses in London, Manchester and throughout the UK.

How much?

  • Our in-house, two-day coaching skills for managers course costs £350 per person
  • 6-12 people
  • We come to you or a venue of your choice
  • All prices exclude travel & VAT

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What our clients say

Coaching Skills Training Courses for Managers

Cheltenham Borough Council – Coaching Skills for Managers Training Course :

“The balance between theory and practical information was perfect. In other courses I have attended I have felt the practical parts have been added in with no real purpose but I could see the benefit of every practical exercise. I would love to attend more courses like this”.

“I found this coaching skills for managers training extremely useful. It was well planned and presented in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“A significant amount of ground covered in a short period which unraveled a complex subject in a very practical and understandable format. Provides a springboard to invest in work colleagues by coaching them to develop at work for the future.” 

Coaching skills training for Managers Coaching skills training course for Managers London Manchester