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What is Business and Executive Coaching?

Business and executive coaching doesn’t really differ that much from any other form of coaching. It’s not advice giving or consultation. We will, however, still work with the whole person, your personality, character, values, beliefs and experiences. We will listen carefully.  We will challenge your thinking, ask you those important questions and give you feedback. Business and executive coaching differs only in it’s context.

Maybe you are thinking about going for that promotion but don’t have the confidence yet? Perhaps you have been thinking about which way to take your business but just keep going around in circles? You know exactly what you want, but just aren’t sure how to get there? Maybe you just want a fresh set of ears to bounce your thoughts off and to challenge your thinking? There are many reasons why people engage in, and find value from, a coaching relationship.  Whether you already know that you want to benefit from a great coaching relationship or simply want to test the water and see what it’s all about, we look forward to you making that first all important step in achieving what you want. 

“I have found this coaching programme to be a particularly positive experience, allowing me the opportunity to reflect and openly discuss issues of concern – more specifically to tackle long standing issues and behaviours that I’ve chosen to ‘ignore’. A great personal learning experience and plenty of things to continue developing/working on.” – Senior Manager

Executive Coaching Manchester London

“The coaching process has been extremely enabling allowing me important time for reflection. Your questions have been challenging and at the same time, non-judgemental, allowing me to explore my current working practice and to change the small things in my practice that will make the biggest difference.”   Public Sector Manager

Our business & executive coaching can help you with:

  • Setting challenging and realistic goals.
  • Developing and implementing action plans.
  • Restoring choice and direction.
  • Building confidence.
  • Reducing work-related stress.
  • Improving relationships.

Coaching is…

An  equal relationship

where we help you to; identify the areas in your life that you want change in, define your goals and support you in achieving them.

A confidential conversation

with someone who is unbias and non-judgemental to your situation. We can have this conversation face-to-face, over the phone, at your place of work, your home or a venue of your choosing.

An empowering process

that builds on your experience, knowledge and abilities and your values and beliefs; one that encourages you to find and explore your own solutions.

A way of producing meaningful change

in your environment, in your behaviours, and in your skills and abilities. In coaching we work with the whole person and at all of these levels.

Our personal and business coaches are qualified, experienced and committed to enabling people just like you to develop and reach your goals. 

Executive Coaching Feedback

“The coaching has allowed me to focus on areas of my own development that I believe will ultimately benefit the organisation as a whole. I am now more confident in the areas where before I perhaps had little self belief. The coaching has allowed me to focus on the knowledge I already have and apply it in the workplace to get the best out of myself and my teams. I look forward to continuing to apply what I have learnt.”  Senior Manager

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