Strength Deployment Inventory – Feedback & Expectations Edition

Strength Deployment Inventory – Feedback & Expectations Edition 

Total SDI Strength Deployment Inventory feedback edition

The Strength Deployment Inventory Feedback Edition explores a very different angle of 360 feedback, seeing feedback on both intention and motivation.  As this tool does not deal with skills, competence or ability, the results can be used as a safe and rich platform to explore behavioral preferences and increasing a leader’s awareness of how he or she is perceived by others.  This allows your managers and leaders to be more effective as they are able to explore and understand where their strengths lie and when they may be over-doing these strengths, enabling them to make better choices in their behaviours when managing relationships.

Strength Deployment Inventory – Expectations Edition 

SDI Strength Deployment Inventory expectations edition

A fundamental but often overlooked part of any relationship is clarifying expectations. Perhaps we usually find these out over time, or as and when the need arises – often at the cost of conflict or damage to the relationship. This tool allows relational expectations to be clarified in a useful and safe way, providing the user with valuable learning opportunities and information from the beginning. Maybe it is your first day in your new role, with your new team, or perhaps you are wanting to take your performance to the next level and improve the quality of working relationships. Either way, the Strength Deployment Inventory Expectations edition will give you a valuable and different perspective.

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