Firo-B Personality Test

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How training in the FIRO-B® help you

FIRO-B® provides a simple and powerful framework to help individuals understand the interpersonal needs we all have within our relationships.

The FIRO-B® personality assessment can help individuals, teams, and organisations:

  • To develop self-awareness and relationship intelligence
  • Accelerate the building of high-performing relationships
  • In talent development
  • In Identifying the causes of (and strategies to resolve) interpersonal conflict
  • To develop leader effectiveness
  • In the selection and assessment of key roles

What is the FIRO-B® personality assessment?

The FIRO-B® (or Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – Behaviour) personality assessment was developed by psychologist, William Schutz, and his research into high-performance teams operating in close-quarter settings.

The FIRO-B® instrument is built on the theory that when interacting with others, people have three important needs that must be met – that these needs are as fundamental as food and water. Not only do we all have different points at which these needs get met, but these fundamental needs also drive our behaviour in our interactions with others. These three needs are:

  1. The need for Inclusion – participation and inclusion in groups
  2. The need for Control – seeking influence, leadership, and responsibility
  3. The need for Affection – the depth of rapport in our relationships

The FIRO-B® reports two ways in which these needs get met; firstly, how we express the need through outward behaviour i.e. how we engage with others (called expressed behaviour); and secondly, how we want others to behave towards us (called wanted behaviour). The FIRO-B® provides individuals and teams with a simple and proven framework to understand and meet the differing needs in our relationships.

Firo B Personality Model

Interested in using the FIRO-B® personality instrument? Get in touch.

Are you an individual wanting to take the FIRO-B?

Sample reports

FIRO-B Profile Report

FIRO-Business Profile Report

FIRO-B Interpretive Report for Organisations

FIRO-Business Leadership Report

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