About Us

Developing Potential (UK) was set up from a desire to help individuals, teams and organisations to realise and achieve their true potential. How do we do that? We believe that your people are resourceful and creative; that they already know how to make your business perform better. In our experience it’s not a lack of training or skill that stops people from achieving; it’s people’s levels of confidence, motivation and positive relationships. You don’t need to look far to see a change programme that has failed to ask yourself “why, when people have been given the knowledge and skills to be better do we see very little change?”. Using our knowledge, experience and expertise, we deliver inspirational, active, and memorable learning that you can instantly use in both your work and personal life – programmes that create change on a personal level, changing your organisation from the bottom up. We work with a number of specialist associates to deliver high-quality and value-for-money learning experiences.

Dan Barnfield, Director

Dan has been developing the hidden potential within teams and individuals for over twenty years. His career started through working with young people and using the outdoors as a tool for self-discovery and personal development. An experienced trainer, coach and qualified teacher, Dan uses his understanding of experiential education and outdoor learning to provide powerful, fun and relevant learning experiences. His varied experience of working with public, private and voluntary sector organisations and working with young people through to senior management level make him a well-rounded and versatile trainer.

With a firm belief in that we should practice what we teach, Dan can often be found pushing his own comfort zones through his love of surf kayaking, mountaineering, climbing and continuing professional development.


  • Ba (Hons) Outdoor Education: 1st Class 
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education 
  • Master Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP   
  • BPS Level A Qualified
  • Certified User of the EQ-i and EQ360
  • Licensed Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner
  • Licensed user of the 16pf personality instrument
  • An accredited user of the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile
  • Certified Hogan Assessments practitioner
  • Strength Deployment Inventory Practitioner – Level’s 1 & 2
Jock Andrews
Jock Andrews, Consultant

Jock has been involved in experiential development training since 1986, working as an associate with a number of leading training organisations. A parallel career as a civil engineer led back to training via project management. He has a formidable background of designing and delivering behavioural training in as diverse areas as coaching Olympic coaches, Health & Safety, Stress Management, Phobia treatment and Sexual Health.

Jock’s real passion is for figuring out how people learn, and how they shift their self-limiting beliefs, whether that be about learning to juggle, managing their teams, or getting on better with their families. He takes an irreverent approach to training that uses an eclectic mix of elements from old and new wisdom and theory and isn’t constrained by any particular training ‘ideology’.

Recently, Jock has been involved in developing and running a follow-up to the widely acclaimed ‘Mastery’ personal development course, and has been collaborating on a forthcoming book on ‘demystifying’ Emotional Intelligence.

Recent Projects

Delivering leadership & coaching training for registrars, consultants and senior clinical staff from North Lancs NHS Primary Care Trust

Facilitating change management programmes throughout a major government agency restructuring, for the Department of Constitutional Affairs


  • Registered user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Mountain Leader