Zin Obelisk Challenge

Zin Obelisk Challenge


Zin Obelisk team building communication exercise

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How it works:


The Zin Obelisk challenge is a logical and mathematical problem-solver. The team receives a number of information cards – some of which are essential to solving the problem, and some which are not.  Team members need to share the information cards with each other effectively, and work collectively, in order to solve the problem.  Clear communication and leadership is essential for success. You can also split the team into either 2, 3 or 4 separate sub-groups, dividing the information across the whole 'team'. As not all of the information is useful, sub-groups can move quickly to withholding useful information for personal gain, and only sharing information that is counter-productive to the 'team's' goal. The Zin Obelisk challenge is a great communication exercise if you are wanting to reinforce the importance of a 'one team' culture and effective communication. 


Time needed:


30-60 minutes excluding review/debrief


Use the Zin Obelisk challenge for the following aims and outcomes:


 – Problem-solving and decision-making 


 – Team-working


 – Leadership


 – Dealing with ambiguity


 – Intra-team communication


 – Inter-team communication


 – One-team approach and common goals




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Zin Obelisk team building communication exercise

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