Type Dynamics Indicator™

Type Dynamics Indicator

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What is the Type Dynamics Indicator?

Similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), the Type Dynamics Indicator™(TDI™) also reports a person's psychological type on the same dichotomies. Underpinned by Jung's theory of typology, the TDI™ reports on four areas of difference. These are:


  • the differences in how people are energised and interact with the world
  • the differences in the way people prefer to take in information
  • the differences in how people prefer to use that information
  • the differences in the lifestyle people prefer to lead.


So why deliver the TDI™ as well as the MBTI®? Some people find that there is an internal struggle between who they are and who they want to be. This tool, as well as reporting on your present psychological type, also reports on the psychological type that you may aspire to be. The TDI™ terms this the 'Is/Want' report. Identifying this difference (if any) allows for a deeper exploration of type and identifies richer opportunities.


  For ease and convenience, the TDI™ can be completed online, which allows for the creation of personalised and comprehensive 'Type at Work' reports.


Why invest in the Type Dynamics Indicator?


You can use the Type Dynamics Indicator™ for:


  • Identifying areas for personal and professional developmen
  • Understanding and working with diversity
  • Improving communication and resolving conflic
  • IIdentifying leadership styles
  • Exploring problem-solving and learning styles
  • Understanding reactions to change and stress
  • Career development
  • Teaching and learning
Why invest in the type dynamics indicator


Who is it for?

  Any level of team or managers, or for individuals seeking personal development.  

Dates & Locations:

  You decide! All of our Myers Briggs Type Indicator® training courses are bespoke and with you in mind. We deliver our MBTI® programmes throughout the UK, to include London, Manchester, Birmingham and also internationally..  

How much?


All of our Type Dynamics Indicator programmes are bespoke. Contact us for a competetive price that meets your exact needs.


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What our clients say

What our clients say

World Cancer Research Fund, London, Type Dynamics Indicator Programme  "This will certainly impact on our efficiency as a business." "It was very useful to see this applied over our whole workgroup and see the dynamics that govern our companies behaviour" "Really interesting course, highly recommend it for helping others to understand my own and my teams personality types. Great insight". "A Good, relaxed session that was a great deal of fun".


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