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The business case for providing Stress Management workshops

Recent HSE figures show that every year in the UK approx 12 million working days are lost to stress-related illness, with an average of 30 working days lost per case. Surveys concluded that one quarter of all sick days can be attributed to work-related stress.  Stress can also be a major contributory factor in physiological complaints (e.g. bad backs, necks etc) that result in lost work time but might not be automatically identified as stress-related. Increasingly, courts have been fining against organisations that have not taken steps to exercise their duty of care to support their employees in managing stress, with 6-figure settlements for claimants becoming common.

Investing in training will cut absenteeism, increase morale & productivity and provide strong evidence of employer support, to defend potential litigation.


Participants will:

  • have increased awareness of the implications of stress, at work and at home
  • have a clearer idea of what their personal sources of stress are
  • understand what stress is doing to them and why
  • establish some practical strategies to effectively manage their own stress and minimise its impact
  • be better able to support others dealing with stress.

Workshop content:

   Stress Management Managing Stress Courses London Manchester


  • Exploring & defining what stress is – and its social context
  • Identifying sources of stress – for ourselves & others
  • Understanding why we respond the way we do – Physiologically and Psychologically
  • Learning, sharing and practicing some effective coping strategies.


How much?


£125 per person.  Minimum of 8 people per programme (excludes VAT, travel, accommodation if required and venue).


Dates & Locations:


This one day programme can be delived at your place of work or at a venue of your choice.  As an in-house programme, you decide where and when.


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