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About this training:

Let's face it – we know that times are tight and that you are expected to deliver more for less.  Easier said than done, right?  We also know that teams and their member's need investment, time out and the opportunity to think about where they are right now, where they are heading and how they should get there.  Now, perhaps more than ever, teams need to be high performing.  Understanding the constraints of both budgets and time available out of the office, we have put together a no-nonsense one and two-day programme that breaks high performance down into 8 fundamental areas.  A highly experiential training, your team will engage with and practice the 8 keys to high performance teams.  You will identify the areas that you are already performing highly in, and also those where change and development may be necessary for you to be more effective.

During this high performance team training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • explore 8 common characteristics of high performance teams
  • develop your team's knowledge of these 8 keys
  • test your team's understanding of each of the these characteristics through experiential activities
  • explore high performance in relation to continuous improvement
  • build and develop stronger relationships with team members

The 2 day workshop also includes the opportunity to:


  • define a team culture and agree expected behaviours 
  • invite and share feedback in a way that builds relationships and enhances performance
  • set individual and team action points for improved performance

We will also administer, at no additional cost, our team performance indicator (normally £320.00)

Why invest in team building & development

How much?


£800.00 for the one-day programme for a team of up to 12 or £1200.00 for a team of up to 12 for two days (excludes VAT, travel, accommodation if needed and venue).  If this isn't value for money, we simply don't know what is!


Dates & Locations


You decide!  We can provide this course at your place of work or a suitable venue of your choice.


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