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"The whole programme was very informative and educational as well as being great fun all round. I would recommend to any teams to take part."


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Is effective communication a fundamental process in your business? Is the building of long-lasting, meaningful and congruent relationships with your clients, customers and teams important to you? Would you like to influence with integrity? If the answer is “Yes”, then our communication skills programmes will definitely benefit you. 



The business case for communication skills programmes?


Many of use are good communicators but how many of us are excellent communicators? Before you think about the answers, just consider your experience at school and how many times were you told listen?  Now consider how many times you were actually taught to listen? And how many times were you expected to communicate, engage in conversations and work with others? And again, consider how many times you were given the skills and feedback to do this properly.  Most of us communicate effectively most of the time, but few of us communicate excellently, all of the time.  Poor communication costs your business in may ways; loosing customers, lost leads, not meeting deadlines, employee turnover, performance issues, conflict and more. Our programmes will give you the skills necessary to plug the gap between good communication and excellent communication. 

Why invest?


  • Understand your customer's needs at a deeper level
  • Engage in crucial conversations
  • Increase team and individual performance
  • Develop your language skills to influence with integrity
  • Develop more effective relationships
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Use effective techniques to identify the root cause of problems, not just the symptons.
Why invest in NLP for Business

Who is it for?


  • Project Teams
  • Management & Leadership Development
  • Sales Teams & Managers
  • Client Facing Teams & Managers
  • Teams in conflict
  • Under-performing teams

Dates & Locations:


Our communication skills training programmes can be delivered at your place of work or at a venue of your choice.


Programmes are delivered by qualified and experienced NLP Practitioners/Master Practitioners.


How much?


All of our communication skills training programmes are bespoke and with your needs in mind.

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What our clients say


What our clients say


Oil & Gas Company: Train the Trainer Programme

"Very constructive, both in terms of content and teaching tips."   "Delivered in a very clear manner with a good pace.  A lot of tips and practical information which can be used in real life." "Appreciated Dan's knowledge.  Liked the fact that there was no power point.  Appreciated additional options for exercises during teach back session." "This will be a powerful tool for improving customer service."

 Communication Skills Training Courses London Manchester