Team Squared Communication Exercise


Team Squared Team Building Communication Exercise

Team Squaed Communication Exercise


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Interlocker Team Building Activity


How does the Team Squared communication activity work?


The Team Squared communication exercise  requires effective communication, planning, and a one team approach.  The team ego should always be greater than any individual's ego. This mindset is critical to this task if the team is to be successful. Why? Because the team is tasked with making ten squares, from the shapes provided, of exactly the same size within their own workstation.  This might sound easy, but after their planning time, individuals are not permitted to communicate in any way – verbally or non-verbally. 


Group Size:  6-12


Time needed:


30 minutes excluding review/debrief


Use for the following aims and outcomes:


 – Communication


 – Planning 


 – Leadership


 – The importance of delegation for managers


  – Observation and feedback


What's included in the Team Squared communication exercise?


 – Tangram puzzle pieces


 – Trainers brief


 – Team task brief


 – Observer brief


 – Solution


 – Durable plastic wallet to keep it all together

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