Team Performance Indicator

Team Performance Indicator

The Business Case for the Team Performance Indicator

Is your business wanting to to achieve higher productivity with less resources? Are you wanting to achieve a higher degree of performance through your people? Do you want to achieve more with less? If the answers to these questions are es, are you and your team clear on which areas of its performance it needs to focus on in order to improve? Gathering and acting on the right information for your team's development is essential for achieving high performance and in a time where budgets are tight, you need to ensure you spend your time and money wisely. This is where our Team Performance Indicator can help. 

Team & organisational development can be a time and resource consuming process. Recognising that teams need focus, attention and development and using our expertise, we have designed a team 360 feedback tool that provides the right information necessary for the team's growth and development. The Team Performance Indicator will provide you with the information needed to increase the team's performance and make focused interventions.

Whether you are wanting to simply check the health of your team or wanting to develop your team but don't know where to start, the Team Performance Indicator is a sure way to identify what is working well and what needs attention, making sure you put your resources to best use. 


What is the Team Performance Indicator?

A 360 degree feedback tool, the Team Performance Indicator requires each team member to comment on 55 behaviouirs, beliefs and processes within 8 key areas essential for the achieving of high performance. You will receive a focused breakdown and a big picture of where you and your team are currently at.  This allows you to target specific areas for change and development and unpick a potentially complex area. 

Why choose the Team Performance Indicator?


  • Use with just one team or your whole organisation
  • Identify areas for individual development and coaching
  • Identify areas for team development
  • Identify areas for organisational development
  • Choose between anonymous or named feedback
  • Affirm current areas of good working practice
  • Focus energy and resources where they are needed
  • Evaluate your interventions through comparative analysis
 Why invest in the Team Performance Indicator


  Who is this for?


  • Any level of team and organisation wanting to achieve and maintain high performance.

Simply fill in the questionnaires, return them to us and we will put the results in an easy to use report. Suitable for teams and organisations of 6 people or more.



For teams of 16 or more please contact us directly.




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Download Team Performance IndicatorDownload Team Performance Indicator (pdf)


Contact us now for more information or with any questions you may have.



What our clients say


What our clients say

Mark Richards, Head of Human Resources, Museum of London Group


"I have used the Team Performance Indicator from Developing Potential UK to inform team development training and it has provided a valuable insight on the mood of the team and areas on which to focus when developing team exercises.

It was particularly helpful when it came to selection for the group sessions, identification of training objectives, subjects for discussion and the identification of next steps post training. It will also be very useful in providing a benchmark to facilitate more objective evaluation of the effectiveness of team development over time and provides a more rounded picture than simply using a single instrument to identify team role preferences or type.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who is considering more complex team interventions to improve performance or who may simply have concerns and wants a quick health check of a team to see where

they are at this point in time."

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