Code Breaker Team Building/Communication Exercise


Code Breaker Communication Team Building Exercise

Code Breaker Communication Exercise


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Interlocker Team Building Activity


How does the Code Breaker communication activity work?


The Code Breaker communication exercise is a logical problem-solver that requires effective communication, clear execution and whole team involvement.  It is essential that all team members understand the outcome to be delivered and the process/solution. Why? Because the team is tasked with finding out the symbol that you have chosen, but must do this with a limited amount of questioning. For task success, it is imperative that all team members are aligned and have clear understanding of the task and the process; an essential element to team and organisation success.  


Group Size: 6-12



Time needed:


30 minutes excluding review/debrief


Use for the following aims and outcomes:


 – Problem-solving 


 – Team-working, inclusion and whole-team alignment


 – Leadership


 – Listening skills and communication


 – Observation and feedback

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