Product Assembly Team Building Exercise

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The Product Assembly team exercise is machine cut from high quality Birch plywood, is lightweight, and coated with a durable lacquer finish. Each Product Assembly team exercise weighs 7kg and the longest piece is 96cm. 

Product Assembly Team Building Activity Exercise Game

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Product Assembly Team Building Exercise – £250 per unit excluding VAT.


Interlocker Team Building Exercise



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What is the Product Assembly Team Building Activity?

The Product Assembly team building activity  is one of our favourite and most versatile team activities. Made up of 15  interlocking planks, the Product Assembly exercise can only be put together in one correct way. It takes most teams around 20 minutes to put the unit together on the first go. But most team's in the world of business usually have to perform their tasks more than once. The Product Assembly activity is a great exercise that invites teams to practice high performance behaviours and continuous improvement. Effective teams are able to achieve production times of around 10-15 seconds, or less. 


The product Assembly activity is suitable for teams of 6-10 people.  For larger teams we recommend multiple units.  This opens up more possibilities for framing and reviewing e.g. cross team communication, dealing with change within teams, shared goals, coaching and more. 


Time needed: a minimum of 60 minutes plus reviewing/debriefing. 


We use the Product Assembly team building activity demonstrate the importance of: 


– Leadership

– Effective communication

– Sharing best practice

– Process improvement

– Cross team communication

– Coaching

– Understanding and defining roles & responsibilities

– Working towards common goals

– 100% Inclusion


If you would like a facilitated training event on how to get the best out of Product Assembly, just get in touch, or purchase below. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you, so that you can get the very best out of this exercise. 


Use Product Assembly Activity with:

  • Single teams
  • Multiple teams working to one goal
  • Multiple teams working in competition
  • Continuous Improvement curriculums  




Each Product Assembly team exercise weighs 7kg and the longest piece is 96cm. 


What's included:


 – 15 planks exercise – machine cut from high quality, durable Birch plywood, 


 – Laminated participant instructions


 – Laminated trainer notes


 – Durable carry bag