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Training Without PowerPoint

Feedback from our recent 'Presenting without PowerPoint' workshop

"I have gained ideas of how to use tools more efficiently and bring trainees into an interactive learning experience. I will revisit all my training programs and look at increasing participation." 


In Short

This highly interactive, one-day Presenting Without PowerPoint workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to run more participative and engaging training sessions and help to solve the problem of how to run better meetings. Not a PowerPoint slide in sight!



Presenting without PowerPoint

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The Need for Presenting without PowerPoint:

Have you ever sat through a day-long training session of mostly PowerPoint thinking to yourself "there must be a better way?"  Perhaps you run meetings and as you stand there in front of an unresponsive audience you think to yourself "I wish you would participate more…come on, just give me something here!" Or perhaps you've turned up to a meeting room and you either can't get the A.V. equipment to work, it's been double booked or simply isn't there and you are left thinking to yourself "what do I do now?"


We like to think that people work perfectly and do the best job that they can with the tools that they have.  The challenge or problem comes when our toolbox is limited or when we don't choose the best tool for the job. PowerPoint is a great tool when used at the right time, the right place and in the right way.  Like any tool, though, it can be used incorrectly and overused.  As experts in experiential learning we would like to share some of our toolbox with you; to help you design and deliver more interactive and engaging meetings and training sessions and experience a training programme without PowerPoint.

Who is this Presenting Without PowerPoint workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who is responsible for the learning and development of others. You might be a trainer, a manager or someone who increasingly finds themselves in a teaching role. You might be someone who simply wants to run great meetings that people look forward to. 


As someone who is passionate about helping others to learn and to grow, you will want as much of the information that you present to be retained as possible. This one day workshop will give you some practical tools and new ideas to increase engagement and participation levels in your training and meetings. With no PowerPoint, you will be an active part in your learning experience and explore how you can create higher engagement and more learning in what you do.

Programme Opportunities/Outcomes:

Experience a training environment free from PowerPoint

Learn tools and techniques for increased participation in meetings and training sessions

A forum to share personal good practice with others. 


Presenting without PowerPoint workshop content:


Great Start, Great Meeting – How to create an effective group  learning contract for your training session/meeting and orientate attendees to their experience


Effective Learning Environments – Get the brain ready for learning


Thinking & Learning Styles – Understand the differences in how we think and learn to ensure your material and information is communicated in the best possible way


Memory – Tools & technique to make learning stick.  You do want it to stick, right?


Adult Learning Needs – Understand our needs as adult learners


Tools for Increased Participation – Explore a number of practical tools for use in your meetings and training sessions


Your World – Apply this content to your existing training material or to a forth-coming meeting


How Much?

Our Presenting without PowerPoint workshops can be run for group sizes of between 8-12 people.  We deliver this programme in-house and at an appropriate venue of your choice. The cost for this workshop is £800 which excludes VAT, our trainer's travel and an appropriate venue.  It includes all administration, preparation, facilitation, use of materials, individual personal active learning workbooks and workshop evaluation. 


What our clients say


Presenting without PowerPoint - how to run effective meetings


Lancashire Safeguarding Children's Board – Presenting without PowerPoint workshop for existing trainers


"Good day where I got the opportunity to think about my training techniques that I use and how I can develop these."

"A positive learning experience – lots of reinforcement of current training practice and new ideas. Thanks."

"We have come up with some ideas were training exercises based on what we learnt today. I really like the workbook."

"Gained some excellent knowledge and tools around tools and techniques that can be used when delivering training."