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"We are currently deploying Lean Manufacturing across our smelter. We have developed the Planks communication exercise to create a simulation that highlights the benefits of Standardised Work & QCO (Quick ChangeOver). We are now using the kit as part of the Lean Immersion training we carry out on site for internal employees from Lynemouth and other plants across Europe. Initial trials of the simulation were excellent hence the need for extra kits to allow bigger class sizes. The Planks team exercise will now be a regular feature of our Lean Immersion training."


Lean Coach, Rio Tinto



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For more than three planks team building exercises, or for shipping outside of the UK, please contact us


Planks Team Building Exercise – £250 ex VAT. Free Shipping.


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This team building activity goes by a few names; Planks, Interlocker, Project Assembly. The Planks team building activity  is made up of 15  interlocking wooden planks, all of which need to be put together in a specific way. The team is tasked with accurately constructing the puzzle/unit and then given time to find out, test and practice the most efficient/quickest way to construct it.  To achieve this, successful teams have to develop a clear strategy, have clearly defined roles & responsibilities, and constantly (re)evaluate their performance and methodology – elements and behaviours essential for success in the workplace. The planks team building and communication exercise generates lots of valuable learning that can instantly be applied to the world of work. The achieving of high performance requires the deliberate practice of key behaviours.  The planks shelving team activity is ideal for the practice of these key behaviours. 


We use the planks team building exercise to demonstrate the importance of: 


– Leadership

– Effective communication

– Sharing best practice

– Process improvement

– Cross team communication

– Coaching

– Understanding and defining roles & responsibilities

– Working towards common goals

– 100% Inclusion


The planks team activity is suitable for teams of 6-10 people.  Each of our planks team exercises comes complete with full trainer notes, project briefs and best practice guidelines,   For larger teams, we recommend using multiple sets. Multiple sets are perfect for demonstrating the importance of cross-team communication, sharing best practice and a one-team approach. Different teams will develop different methods and will progress at different rates. Each set of planks weighs 7kg and the longest piece is 96cm. 


Time needed is generally 2-3 hours, but we have run full day workshops around this one exercise. The Planks team building exercise is machine cut from high quality Birch plywood, is lightweight and coated with a durable lacquer finish. Each one comes with a durable carry case, trainer notes, and participant briefs.


If you would like a facilitated training event on how to get the best out of the Planks team building exercise, just get in touch, or purchase below. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you, so that you can get the very best out of this exercise.  


Use the planks team building game with:

  • Single teams
  • Multiple teams working to one goal
  • Multiple teams working in competition
  • Continuous Improvement curriculums

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