MEP 360 – Management Effectiveness Profile



The Management Effectiveness Profile compliments MAP Assessment as well as being a stand alone 360 tool for the development of your managers.  It goes without saying that managers need to be competent at what they do.  Managers also need to be seen as credible.  The Management Effectiveness Profile will allow your managers to identify both their self-assessed and perceived strengths and also areas for management development.  As a 360 feedback tool, the Management Effectiveness Profile provides managers with valuable information on the 12 core competencies necessary to be an effective and credible manager.  These are:


Managing Your Job


Time Management & Prioritisation


Planning & Scheduling Work


Setting Goals & Standards

MAP 360 feedback


Building the Team


Appraising People & Performance


Training, Coaching & Delegating


Disciplining & Counselling 

MAP 360 feedback




Thinking Clearly


Identifying & Solving Problems


Making Decisions & Weighing Risk


Thinking Clearly & Analytically


MAP 360 feedback


Relating to Others


Getting Unbiased Information


Giving Clear information


Listening & Organising

MAP 360 feedback

Example Management Effectiveness Profile

How Much?

The MEP usually forms part of a larger leadership and management development process. If you are are an organisation wanting to find out more about how we can help support your manager's development, please contact us for more information.  If you are an individual wanting to complete the Management Effectiveness Profile and to receive a telephone feedback/consultation session to take your through your results, please use the payment button below @ £225.00 excluding VAT. 



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