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 MBTI Team Building London



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MBTI Team Building london




MBTI Step 1 Team Building Days. 36% reduced faciliation fee. Was £950, now £600 per facilitator per day.

MBTI Team Building London

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In short:

 – We design and deliver interactive MBTI team building events to teams and organisations, just like yours, throughout the UK to include London & Manchester. We also deliver internationally


 – Our MBTI team building events can be delivered at your place of work or at a venue of your choice


 – Our MBTI team building events are suitable for newly formed teams and for the development of more mature teams


 – We are team building specialists. Experts in delivering MBTI team building events, we are qualified to deliver both the MBTI step 1 and MBTI Step 2 as well as a number of other personality profiling tools.


Benefits of our MBTI Team Building days


 – Understand your own MBTI personality type, identifying areas for personal and professional development


 – Be a more effective communicator by understanding team member's communication preferences


 – Understand the strengths and working preferences of individual team members.  Understanding your team is vital if you want to motivate and lead them effectively


 – Identify and reduce the causes (and cost) of interpersonal conflict


What does a typical MBTI Team Building programme look and feel like?


All of our MBTI team building programmes are active and experiential by nature – this means minimal to no PowerPoint and plenty of you!  People work perfectly and you are the expert in your personality.  This means discussion and interaction form a large part of your MBTI team building programme.


We will spend some time getting to grips with what the MBTI tool is (and isn't) and understanding the four pairings/8 differences that the MBTI describes.  We use a variety of experiential tasks that bring the MBTI differences to life, which accelerates participant's understanding of personality type. The MBTI questionnaire can be administered online and you will receive a work-focused report. Example MBTI Type in Organisations Report

MBTI Team Building


After participants have received their questionnaire results and explored their 'best fit' MBTI personality type we can start to explore the safe sharing of results.  This is where the real team building begins.  Our facilitators will carefully lead you through a series of experiential activities that not only continue to increase your knowledge and understanding of personality type, but ones that build trust, empathy and understanding between and within the team.  This will leave the team in a place to respond differently and more effectively when it comes to personality difference.  


We feel that a important part of our MBTI team building programmes is to explore both team strengths and potential blind-spots in respect of personality difference.  We spend time exploring the areas that the team may find easier and more difficult, where there may be communication challenges, the potential causes of conflict within the team and where the team has a real potential to benefit from valuing diversity in respect of personality. 


MBTI Team Building


What our clients say:





MBTI Team Building


MBTI Team Building day – Design Scene, London



"Thoroughly enjoyable, time flew by. Not death by PowerPoint which was a bonus and liked the fact that it was more based around discussion and bullet point facts."



MBTI Team Building  Event – Nike, Manchester



"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great to take time away from the office. Good to get the team together."



MBTI Team Building Programmes – Sabic, Teeside


"Great fun, very educational and revealing. I learned a lot about my personal style and I’ve already seen improvements in my approach to things as I try to improve my blind spots."