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MAP Assessment Management Assessment 

"Very engaging and interactive, quite intensive concentration required, but overall a well worthwhile exercise.  Would definitely recommend to others."


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MAP Assessment 2.0


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Unlock your management potential with MAP Assessment . MAP Assessment, is a unique assessment and development tool designed to accurately assess the competencies of your existing and aspirant managers. It is currently the only objective management assessment tool on the market and Developing Potential UK are one of a limited number assessors licensed to deliver it.


Why Invest in Map Assessment 2.0?

  • MAP Assessment is directly linked to management competencies – use it for selection and assessment.  Make sure you get the best!
  • Incorporate into your management development programme to assess and develop competencies
  • Save time, resources and money by identifying specific knowledge gaps and areas for development 
  • Use with Junior, Middle, Senior, Executive and aspirant managers as a basis for structured management development
  • Be bench-marked against a database of 60,000 managers and of those within your organisation
  • Be supported by DVD based learning materials – Managing to Excel and 360 feedback tools
  • An objective and fair assessment of a manager's competence
  • Approved by the ILM.
Why invest in Map Assessment Management Assessment

What does a MAP Assessment 2.0 programme involve?

Step 1

The assessment involves watching a series of 10 video scenarios that cover a week in the life of a manager and his team and then answering a series of questions that relate to each episode. The scenarios include:

  • Team meeting
  • Time management
  • Decision making
  • Delegating
  • Discipline and empathy
  • Appraising staff
  • Performance management
  • Problem solving
  • Listening

After each short episode, participants are required to answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what they have seen and if, in their opinion, what they have seen is good or bad management practice. In addition to these scenarios, there are also two paper-based questionnaires that report preferred both communication and management styles. This assessment can be delivered in a group setting or can be completed online without the need for a facilitator to be present.  Either way, the assessment process takes around 6-7 hours to complete.


Step 2

The second step of the MAP Assessment process is spent understanding and interpreting your individual report and in producing an individual development plan that details your development needs as a manager and your commitment to action.  If taken as a management team, a team report is also produced that highlights team norms and areas to consider for the team's development.


Included in your investment is an online suite of e-learning modules that can be completed in your own time.  They will support you in understand the correct answers to the MAP assessment and support you in your development in each of the 12 competence areas measured by MAP Assessment. 


Dates & Locations:

You decide! We deliver our MAP Assessment programmes throughout the UK to include London, Manchester and Birmingham.


Don't just take our word for it. MAP Assessment recently appeared in Training Journal


Download sample MAP Assessment report (pdf)           Case Study 1 (pdf)           Case Study 2 (pdf)




How much?

£695 per person


Optional MEP 360 feedback @ £134.99 (plus vat) per person



What does the MAP Assessment measure?


Map Assessment measures 12 core competencies grouped into 4 clusters. It also reports a managers communication style, personal style and management style. The 12 core competencies are detailed below.

            Managing Your Job 

    • Time Management & Prioritisation
    • Planning & Scheduling Work
    • Setting Goals & Standards 
    Map Assessment Management Assessment
                Thinking Clearly

      • Identifying and Solving Problems
      • Making Decisions and Weighing Risk
      • Thinking Clearly and Analytically 
      MAP Assessment Management Assessment
                  Building the Team

        • Appraising People and Performance
        • Training Coaching and Delegating
        • Disciplining and Counselling
        MAP Assessment Management Assessment
                    Relating to Others

          • Getting Unbiased Information
          • Giving Clear Information
          • Listening and Organising
          MAP Assessment Management Assessment

          Our 5 Step approach to using MAP Assessment


           MAP Assessment Process

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          What our clients say:


          What our clients say

          Spirax Sarco, Cheltenham.  MAP Assessment program for new managers.


          "Very engaging and interactive, quite intensive concentration required, but overall a well worthwhile exercise.  Would definitely recommend to others."


          "Very interesting.  Good to have a structure and base to work on your development."


          "I particularly like the development plan I have to take away from this."


          "Also gives me an opportunity to show my strengths in order to progress my role within the department."


          "Hopefully the development will start here, but also this should demonstrate strengths to managers when assessing competencies for future projects/positions."


          "Good starting point, keen to follow through on the training to achieve professional development."


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