If you have a moment, you might be interested in these Learning Styles Questionnaires.

Free VAK Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic Learning Styles Test  (pdf)            How are you smart? (xls)


How To Be A Better Manager

Part 1: Running Effective Meetings



Whether you would like to use these stories to support your training, pin them up on the notice board, or send them on to someone who would appreciate them, feel free to use them in a way which is right for you.

Lessons From Geese:Team work

A Simple Gesture

The Buzzard, The Bat and The Bumble Bee

A Way of Being

The Cracked Pot

The Trouble Tree

Problems or Opportunities

The Million Dollar Lesson

The Power of Postive Thinking

The Wooden Bowl

Work Smarter

Just Two Words

Two Frogs

Watch Your Thoughts

I Am Me – Poem by Virginia Satir

The Brick

We'll See…

The Paradox of our Age

You Are Not Me

Make A Difference

Stone Soup

Carrotts, Eggs & Coffee 

The Blind Pilot

Receiving Gifts



We thought you might have some fun with these. Click on the images to make them larger.

free optical illusions and inspirational quotes

Can you find all 11 faces?

Free illusions and motivational quotes

Can you find all 7 horses?

Free Illusions and inspirational quotes

Can you find all 8 faces?

optical illusions and motivational quotes

The horizontal lines are parallel – promise!