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About the EQ-i and EQ360

Unlike many Emotional Intelligence tests on the market, the EQ-i and EQ360 test are scientifically proven measures of Emotional Quotient.  EQ is consistently proving to be a fundamental factor in life success, and arguably, as or more important than IQ.  You don't need to look far to find evidenced links between emotional intelligence and success. Don't take our word for it – Just think for a moment and bring to mind the best manager/leader you have experienced?  What sets them apart from poor, mediocre and average ones?  Some of it is likely to be technical competence, but we bet much of it is to do with their emotional intelligence and people skills. So what is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence is defined as “the set of personal, social and emotional competencies that impact on a person’s ability to deal with daily demands and stresses in life, and to be successful in life in general.” Unlike IQ (which peaks at around 17), we develop our EQ throughout out life.  The good news is that the development of EQ can be accelerated with the proper support, training and coaching. The EQi & EQ360 will give you both insight and practical strategies to increase your EQ and your personal/leadership effectiveness. 

The EQ-i assessment tool was developed by Dr Reuven Bar-On, and is recognised as one of the most scientifically valid tools for measuring Emotional Intelligence. The EQ-i is made up of 5 composite scales and 15 sub-scales:



1.  Self-Perception

– Self-Regard

– Self-Actualization

– Self-Awareness

2.   Self-Expression

– Emotional Expression

– Assertiveness

– Independence

3.   Interpersonal

– Interpersonal Relationships

– Empathy

– Social Responsibility 

4.  Decision Making

– Problem Solving

– Reality Testing

– Impulse Control

5.  Stress Management

– Flexibility

– Stress Tolerance

– Optimism 

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Take the eqi test online


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take the eqi test online


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