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Coaching Skills for Teachers

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Food for Thought

Empowering, respect, positive belief, non-judgemental, ownership, solution focused, challenging, self-confidence & growth. These are just some of the words we use to describe the coaching relationship. What would having even more of this in the relationships that you have with your students do for them, for you and for the whole school community?


Coaching is a powerful tool for growth and change and your students are growing and changing every day. For many, this brings with it its own challenges – challenges which need to be faced, yet on the part of young people are so often ignored, denied and handed to others to solve. We believe that every young person has the ability to recognise, accept and own these challenges in a way that is full of rich, personal and powerful learning. We don't know what self-directed, self-confident problem-solvers would be able to achieve in your school, but we are pretty sure it would be positive.


We also believe that young people have the ability to practice effective coaching. Some might say that they are even better placed to engage in peer-to-peer coaching than us. If this is a belief that you also hold and if it is important to you that these skills are developed in young people, then a peer-to-peer coaching programme is going to bring you some great results.

Why Invest?


Our coaching skills courses enable you to:


  • Be a more effective leader and manager
  • Create more resourceful, resilient and self-directed learners
  • Develop the skills and confidence to coach in difficult situations
  • Build more effective relationships with your staff and learners based on respect and understanding
  • Increase your flexibility to coach both formally and informally
  • Enable learners to take full responsbility for their actions
Why invest in coaching skills for teachers



  • Contracting
  • Sensory acuity
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Effective coaching questions
  • Coaching models & frameworks
  • Effective questions & language
  • Building rapport
  • Personality difference
  • Lots of practice!
Coaching Skills for Teachers

Who is this programme for:


  • Staff & Student Mentors
  • Any school interested in setting up a coaching programme
  • Students – peer-to-peer coaching programmes

Dates & Locations:

You decide! We are able to deliver this programme over two consecutive days, in modular form or over a number of twilight sessions. We deliver our programmes at your place of work or at a venue of your choice.

How much?

A two day coaching skills programme will cost approximately £130.00 per person based on a group size of 10 run over two days..

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