360 Feedback for Managers & Leaders

 360 Feedback for Managers


Does 360 feedback form an integral part of your commitment to employee and management development?  We ask as we all have a fundamental need to grow and develop, in addition to receiving affirmations on how we contribute positively to the social groups we are a part of.  In organisational development this is an area often overlooked when exploring employee performance and development.  But on the other hand, so many of us cringe at the words 'annual appraisal' or 'performance review'? So how can you create more buy-in and make this a valuable process?  For us, it is about finding the balance between fulfilling the organisation's needs and supporting the individual to grow and develop in a way which is right for them.  360 feedback are one tool to aid this process.  360 feedback tools provide a useful platform whereby the recipient can explore the differences between their perceived strengths and competencies vs. those perceptions held by colleagues, direct reports and managers.  We have chosen 2 great 360 feedback tools to assist you on your development journey.


360 Feedback for Managers and leaders can help you:


  • To Increase self and peer awareness
  • In developing a culture of feedback & effective communication
  • In developing a culture of reflective practice
  • Target areas for change,development and increased effectiveness
  • In affirming areas of good working practice and competence
  • As part of an objective and fair performance review process
  • As part of an inclusive performance review process that is for the individual and not done to them.
Why invest in 360 feedback tools


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